From the moment Molly Little and Juan Loco were stepsiblings, Molly has made it her mission to tease and flirt with Juan. She's decided to step it up today, waltzing into the room and taking a seat on Juan's lap. Molly starts asking her stepbrother questions while she's straddling his hips, like if he asked for a microscope for Christmas so he could view his dick better. Molly becomes even more combative when she notices Juan becoming agitated, accusing him of being angry because he wants her pussy but isn't going to receive it. She suggests that maybe her titties may make Juan's dick grow as she removes her top to reveal her boobs. But eventually, Molly grows bored with her game and retreats to her bedroom. Later, Molly arranges everything just so she can get laid. She starts by using her fingertips to masturbate while lying in bed. She eventually reaches for a vibrating toy and pushes it down. Molly complains to her stepbrother about how her stepbrother is making her cum instead of being silent about what she's doing. After a while, Juan comes to Molly's door and can't help but hear what's happening. When he knocks, Molly answers and says she's decent and he can come in. Naturally, when Juan walks into the room and discovers Molly with her legs spread wide and a toy hidden within her twat, that turns out to be a lie. She makes fun of Juan's microdick once more, but this time Juan is willing to fall for it. He takes out the vibrator and replaces it with his cock after telling Molly he's tired of her being such a bitch. It takes more than simply receiving a D for Molly to become kinder to Juan. Even when she blows his stiffie and then climbs up to ride him like a Molly gets on her hands and knees and continues to shit talk Juan over her shoulder, despite her breathy moans suggesting that she is having a great time. Molly turns onto her back and lets Juan continue hammering her pussy till her twat is pulsating with pleasure. When Juan pulls out and pops a big load of cum into Molly's open mouth, she can't help smiling in satisfaction that she has finally gotten what she wanted all along: the chance to fuck her stepbrother.

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