While hanging out, Alina Lopez and her friend Avi Luv decide to give the Bird Box Challenge a go. Alina takes off her garments to try to put on her clothes without using her eyes, so Avi gives her a blindfold. When Codey Steele, Alina's brother, sees the females playing a game, he chooses to fap it out rather than interrupting them. Avi is aware that Codey is around, but instead of alerting Alina to him, she strips off and puts on a blindfold to accompany Alina in looking for her clothes as Codey looks on. The girls aren't going to give up even if they didn't succeed in their first self-imposed challenge. Avi recommends putting on a blindfold and using a sex toy. Once more, Avi sees Codey snooping on them after Alina goes first. Avi confronts Codey again, but this time she tells him that she thinks he's hot and should be in the challenge instead of scolding him. After they enter the room again, Avi informs Alina that she will be using a different toy. Alina has no idea that her stepbrother's new toy is actually his hardon. Before realising it's a real cock and taking off her blindfold to find her stepbrother, Alina is smitten with it. Codey's dick is incredibly nice and hits all the right points, which is too good for Alina. Eventually, Avi gets to join them for a threesome when Alina decides it's too good to stop. As Codey beats them both, Avi and Alina alternately gorge on each other's pussies. Even Alina is enjoying it till Codey fills her up with a creampie of sperm without bothering to pull out.

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Codey Steele is helping with trick-or-treat candy distribution, but his mother Lexxxi Nicole finds him unsettling. His stepsister Avi Love and friend Emily Willis wear their own costumes, and Codey mistakenly assumes him for her stepfather. Avi unzips her uniform to reveal her tits and lifts his outfit to encircle his manhood. Emily tries to resist, but she slinks onto Codey's lap and pounds her clit. Lexxxi Nicole notices the children's activities and reveals Codey's true identity to Avi by taking off her mask.
You Cant Get Me Off In Under Two Minutes - S23:E5
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Molly Little and her friend Alex Coal are playing foosball together. Rico Hernandez, Molly's stepbrother, is constantly picking on them. Alex makes provocative hand gestures and promises to get rid of Rico in two minutes. Molly screams at him for judging her family's sexual fantasies. Rico joins the girls while using their phones in the living room. While speaking to Alex, he pulls his ass out and orders the girls to get rid of him. Molly half-heartedly protests but goes on her hands and knees to do it. Alex grinds and bumps into Rico, and Molly tags out with him. Rico kisses his stepsister and finds out she's not using birth control.
Stepsisters Boo Bags - S18:E8
Jazmin Luv is bored with her boyfriend, Kyle Mason, and decides to find out about Kyler Quinn, her stepsister. They deceive Kyle into sewing a boo bag for him, but he refuses. The girls dress up as ghost brides and boo bag Kyle, revealing a vibrator and images of them kissing. Jazmin finds him nice and erect, but Kyle is hesitant. He initially tries to bange Kyler, but eventually opens up to the idea. They collaborate to blast him away, but Kyler crawls free to make room for him. Jazmin helps her, and Kyler pulls out and nuts all over Kyler's stomach to give them a taste of his jizz and think about their future together.
My Selfish Stepsister Needs Dick - S23:E8
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Theodora Day and Maya Woulfe are discussing girls at school when Jay Romero, Theodora's stepbrother, visits. Jay observes Maya lowering Theodora's top and complimenting her tits. Jay suggests that Theodora could find a healthy way to unleash her pent-up energy by getting raped before school. Maya assists Theodora in getting on her hands and knees to jam Jay's dick into her pussy. Theodora plays cowgirl and rides Maya's tongue while Jay's cock is on her back. They form a double act, with Maya diddling Theodora's snatch and Jay giving her a doggie smackdown.
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Oliver Flynn, a hot new stepbrother, is pursued by Sera Ryder and Lily Larimar, who decide to fuck him. They give Oliver a list of activities to do while following him around the house. Oliver is trapped and pinned in his bed, but they promise to leave him alone if he opens up for the thermometer. Oliver's pants are pulled down, and his briefs are exposed, revealing a raging hardon. Lily and Sera caress Oliver's cock, and they tag out for a cowgirl stiffie ride. Lily hops on to ride Sera's excited face, inviting Oliver back inside to bash her. When Oliver leaves Lily, Sera moves, and he watches as Sera snowballs Oliver's load with her best friend.
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