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December 2021 Flavor Of The Month Bunny Colby - S2:E5

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April 2022 Flavor Of The Month Anna Claire Clouds - S2:E9
Boy / Girl
On April Fool's Day, Anna Claire Clouds tries to pull practical jokes on her stepbrother Nathan Bronson. She covers the toilet with saran wrap and adds super glue to Nathan's lube. Nathan is offended and asks Anna to help remove the glue. Anna Claire reveals Nathan has an attractive cock and decides to get it. She apologizes to Nathan and has a frantic fuck with him. Anna Claire encourages Nathan to shoe his dick into her twat, and they enjoy intense orgasms. When Nathan bursts, Anna Claire pushes him over the edge and plays with the large glob of cum while grinning and looking dirty.
You Cant Touch This Stepbro - S25:E10
Emma Sirus enjoys teasing her stepbrother Alex Mack, revealing her boobs and ass in a thong. She promises Alex he will never touch her or see her wet pussy. The next day, Emma asks Alex for a banana, and he agrees. She then hammers and bursts his cock, happy that Alex has taken her cues. Emma then gives Alex a cowgirl pose, embracing him, and hammering his twat, leaving him happy. Emma's intense teasing and sensual behavior make Alex feel comfortable and happy.
Since You Are Here Stepbrother - S21:E1
Kallie Taylor indulges in masturbation with her stepbrother Damon Dice in the living room. She tries to fuck Damon, but resists. Kallie reaches out to touch Damon's stiffie, making him more enthused. She then gets on her hands and knees, giving Damon a doggy fuck. She mounts him in a cowgirl pose, and Damon comes out to bust his nut all the way up her body and strike her in the face. Kallie shows contentment through groans and wriggling.
October 2022 Flavor Of The Month Kenzie Reeves - S3:E3
In October 2022, Kenzie Reeves, wearing a Oktoberfest costume, desires to work in a beer garden. Her stepbrother, Jay Romero, is unaware of her actions and is unaware of her desire for dick. Kenzie reveals she picked up German during Oktoberfest, which Jay interprets as an indication of wanting to seduce her stepbrother. Kenzie delivers a deep blowjob, and Jay leans Kenzie over the counter, pressing his dick behind her. Kenzie swoons over her stepbrother's dick and pleads for a tight snatch.
My Stepsister Found My Extra Large Condoms - S24:E3
Boy / Girl
Chloe Rose finds XL condoms on her stepbrother Jay Romero's nightstand, surprising him. She invites him to a movie night, and Jay is surprised by her politeness. Chloe's tongue and hands are all over Jay's cock, making him confident. She enjoys the sensation of the large salami filling her up during cowgirl and reverse cowgirl poses, but spooning sex is irritating. Jay pulls out to cum on her stomach for the first time, knowing he's satisfied.
December 2022 Flavor Of The Month Kyler Quinn - S3:E5
Threesome MMF
Kyler Quinn, left alone over the holiday season, indulges in Christmas activities and watches horror movies. However, she learns that the Moist Bandits, Oliver Flynn and Nathan Bronson, plan to break into her house and flood it. Kyler sets traps to deter them, knocking them out and restraining them in her bedroom. To feel less alone, Kyler wants the bandits to pour sperm into her, making them feel bad and revealing her pregnancy. The thieves attempt to flee, but Kyler's traps knock them down again, and she calls the police.
Happy Stepfathers Day Daddy - S23:E3
Freya Parker brings her stepfather Charles Dera a gift bag filled with his favorite items for Father's Day. Freya blindfolds Charles and takes him to the living room, where she and her friend Harley King appear as if they might be eaten. Freya witnesses Harley raping Charles, and she decides to participate in a double BJ. In the bedroom, Charles receives more than just a gift. He bends Harley over and plants balls into her twat, stifling her groans. Freya assists Harley in getting on a cowgirl ride, and Charles arrives at the last minute, letting Freya massage him.
Helping To Solve Stepsisters Problem - S25:E4
Kenzie Reeves struggles with her ability to remove her clothes while sleeping, which her stepbrother Lucky Fae notices. They spend time together, revealing Kenzie's nipples and groaning. Lucky realizes Kenzie is having an affair with him, and she asks him to stick it in. After humiliation, Kenzie rides Lucky's cock in a cowgirl, causing a heated scene. She gives Lucky a last kiss on her back, and he gives her a belly-shot of cum, making her feel like her plan worked.
Take Your Fun Sized Sister And Her Friends To The Amusement Park For Fourth Of July - S17:E8
Madi Collins hosts a Fourth of July celebration for her friends Lulu Chu and Jessie Saint. They invite Codey Steele, Madi's stepbrother, to take them to the theme park for a ride. Codey insists that the girls aren't tall enough to ride, and he offers to take on the role of guardian if Madi sucks his dick in front of her friends. Madi fulfills her promise, and the girls enjoy the ride. Madi boards the D, and Lulu laps at Jessie's twat, taking Codey's cock. Lulu and Jessie enjoy the ride, and Madi lets Codey reach his limit of endurance. Codey tells the girls that nothing he does will get them to follow the rules.
Easter Crafting With Stepsis Goes Wrong - S22:E5
Kyler Quinn and Braylin Bailey are celebrating Easter by crafting crafts and donning bunny ears. They encounter Kyler's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, who attempts corny pickup lines. Kyler chases him out, and they apologize for their cruel treatment. Braylin suggests they show Ricky their ass, but Kyler agrees. They go for a messy double BJ, and Kyler eats Ricky's pussy while bouncing away on her cock. Braylin helps Ricky blow his load all over Kyler's stomach, and they spend time smearing their clit with a shamrock.
Stepsis Works It Out - S24:E12
Chanel Camryn attends her school's pajama day and is confronted by her stepbrother Jason about wearing shorts and a crop top. Chanel explains that Jason wants to fuck her, and they alternate between Jason demanding Chanel change and Chanel growing closer to him. Chanel manipulates Jason into missing their first period together, and they celebrate in cowboy attire. Chanel slurps her own goo from Jason's dick and rubs his hardon between her ass cheeks before returning home in doggy.