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Lick My Candy Cane - S16:E9
Vanna Bardot and Nathan Bronson, her stepbrother, have a playful relationship, but they have a deeper need that neither acknowledges. Vanna and her friend Lulu Chu try to exact revenge on Nathan by giving each of their pussies a candy cane rub and asking him to taste it. They masturbate with candy canes, and Nathan becomes agitated when the girls tease him, leading to him being pushed to the ground. Vanna enjoys the sensation of Nathan's fuck stick feeling inside her, and she refuses to let it end without a bang. The girls band together to blow Nathan off his dick and rocks, and Vanna gives them a salty delight after cracking nuts into their mouths.
Going Through My Stepsis To Get My Car - S24:E11
Johnny Love, Clara Trinity's stepbrother, confronts her about his mother's threat to take away his car unless he helps her prepare for a spelling bee. Clara intentionally misspells words to get even with Johnny, promising to tell his mom he coached her well. Johnny slaps Clara, who then twerks in reverse cowgirl mode. Clara twerks and gives Johnny a facial, leaving him satisfied. The flirtatious fuck ends with Clara twerking in reverse cowgirl mode.
Get The Hint Stepbro - S27:E12
Myra Moans becomes Jay Romero's stepbrother, but he is a moron. Myra aggressively confronts Jay, exposing her swollen lips and revealing a hole in her leggings. Jay takes the hint and tries to touch her pussy to prove the leggings are indecent. Myra forces Jay down and rides him like a cowgirl, crouching for a doggie-style fuck. After cowgirl action, Jay lifts Myra up and beats her, hammering her pussy until he gives her a cum shot on the leggings.
My Stepbrother Wants To Feel Me Up - S22:E9
Aria Valencia and her stepbrother Jay Romero share a struggle with impulse control and sexual cravings. Jay tries to show Aria how to approach girls, but Aria doesn't stop him. They play role-playing, with Aria wanting to play with Jay's dick in front of his mother. They decide to fuck each other, and Aria tries to suck on Jay's cock. As they get closer to popping, Jay feels relieved and blows his load for their mutual enjoyment. The two step siblings share their fantasies about Jay cumming all over himself in front of his mother, highlighting their shared struggles with impulse control and sexual desires.
My Flirty Stepsister - S22:E5
Aria Valencia takes a shower and feels aroused, calling for John. Codey Steele, John's younger brother, answers and they flirt. Aria beckons John to get in bed with her, and he accepts her offer to insert his stiffie into her velvet glove. Aria rides on Codey, licking her own fluids from his hardon. She groans, satisfied with her sexual need, and leans over the bed for Codey to hit her from behind. Aria enjoys the treat before Codey exits to cum on her ass.
Fuck For A Haircut - S10:E12
Gianna Dior needs Lucas Frost, her stepbrother, to help her study for her beauty school test. Initially reluctant, he agrees to cut Lucas's hair for a blowjob. When Gianna insists on covering him with a cape, he discovers a hole in the kitchen. Despite Gianna's negative response to him, he continues to trim his hair. During the process, Gianna gropes on her bra, and Lucas dominates her with his fuck stick. Gianna fucks him from behind, and he covers her back in jizz. Lucas chooses to placate his sister rather than help her prepare for the test.