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Everyone Wants To Fuck My Stepsister - S23:E2

Jason travels to see if Angel Gostosa, his stepsister, is prepared for school. He discovers her on her bed, decked out in shorts that allow her ass to protrude everywhere. She turns the tables on Jason by telling him that she can see his boner through his shorts, despite his attempts to slut shame her over her attire. She continues by asking him if he would prefer fuck his stepsister or go to school today. Jason is obviously not a fool—he decides to fuck his stepsister. Angel pulls out her enormous penis and begins massaging and suckling him since she is so into him. She starts her BJ on the floor, but before long, she gets Jason to go into the bed so she can put him on his back and give him a good suck. Angel climbs above her stepbrother, revealing her gorgeous all-natural titties as she pulls her top up. She's a beautiful Latina vision, swaying one leg over Jason's hips and settling down to ride him like a cowboy. Angel turns around and resumes her reverse cowgirl ride with a shaved pussy stiffie. As Jason slides back home inside her velvet glove, she goes on her hands and knees and spreads her ass cheeks wide to show off her anus. It's satisfying to see her get twat pounded in doggie, but Angel rocks back to keep up the rhythm when Jason stops moving. After a while, Angel drops on her stomach, providing Jason with another deep angle from which to strike her. Angel rolls onto her back and spreads her legs wide to absorb it. Jason can nut all over her tummy as she rolls onto her stomach for one more quick whack from behind and then back onto her back.

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Freya Parker brings her stepfather Charles Dera a gift bag filled with his favorite items for Father's Day. Freya blindfolds Charles and takes him to the living room, where she and her friend Harley King appear as if they might be eaten. Freya witnesses Harley raping Charles, and she decides to participate in a double BJ. In the bedroom, Charles receives more than just a gift. He bends Harley over and plants balls into her twat, stifling her groans. Freya assists Harley in getting on a cowgirl ride, and Charles arrives at the last minute, letting Freya massage him.
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