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Stepsis Is Looking For Good Dick - S31:E8
Boy / Girl
Simon Kitty, Tommy Gold's stepsister, is impressed by Tommy's dick images but annoyed by his actions. Tommy enters to take a whiff of her pants, but Simon captures him by making noise. She sucks Tommy's dick down his throat, licks his face, and eats her. She then climbs onto Tommy's body, sucking his pussy onto his face. Tommy tosses Simon onto her back, dicking his stepsis down in a doggy fashion. They continue their heated eye contact. Simon finally rides him like a cowgirl, giving her a hot cream pie.
Doing More Than Home Work - S16:E1
Threesome FFM
Lily Larimar and her friend Jewelz Blu are using their phone to complete their homework. Tyler Nixon helps them, but he is distracted by their hot asses. Jewelz invites Tyler to get involved, and Tyler takes a grip of her ass and slides home. Lily discovers their activities and agrees to let Tyler give her a finger strike. They all take off their clothes, and Jewelz masturbates to maintain her high. Lily takes Tyler deep within for a stiffie ride, and they perform a double BJ on their hands and knees. Tyler busts a nut in the girls' eager mouths, and they share their salty treat after giving each other a kiss.
Pick Me Im Perfect - S1:E4
Boy / Girl
Amber Summer, a competitor on Pristine Edge's gameshow, meets Jayden Marcos and Pristine for an interview. Despite Jayden's initial reluctance, he goes on a date with Pristine's planned females. Amber, being self-indulgent, has Jayden's fuck stick down her throat and mouth. Amber then sucks Jayden's fuck on her back, allowing Jayden to experience a reverse cowgirl ride. However, Pristine returns, and Jayden admits Amber isn't the little stepsister he's been searching for.
Putting My Stepbrother To Good Use - S24:E9
Boy / Girl
Effie Snow, while on a phone, bemoans her stepbrother, Chris Cobalt,'s inane jokes. After tiring of his pranks, she instructs him to shut up and promises to use his fingers for something more useful. Effie crawls on top of Chris, making out while he kneads her ass. As Effie blows Chris, he joins the program and watches Effie strip. Effie offers Chris a cowgirl pose before he delivers a blow that nearly breaks her in two.
Dealing With My Sexy Stepsister - S27:E2
Veronica Church is a woman who is locked out by her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose. She asks for her key but is given anything. Veronica wants Parker to cover for her, but he refuses. Despite her desire, Veronica undresses and reveals her desire to have sex with him. Parker tries to resist, but Veronica savors his cock and rides in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl modes. After a vaginal examination, Veronica admits she is missing the keys.
Step Sis Wants A Bad Boy - S14:E7
Riley Tyler Steel, Jean's ex-stepbrother, is no longer with them due to her mother's separation. Riley tries to arrange plans with Tyler, but he tries to see her when her mother is at work. Riley discovers Tyler in his boxers and is persuaded to reveal her panties and bra. They huddle up, and Tyler uses the opportunity to flash Riley's tits. Riley has a strong affection for him, and they touch each other. Riley sucks her stepbro off, and they ride Tyler's cock, showcasing his massive dick. Tyler gives Riley a backhanded spoonful and a strong kiss.
Sex Is Good Cardio - S26:E7
Boy / Girl
Dani Diaz uses a treadmill for physical fitness, while her stepbrother Juan Loco sets up a pool game. Dani insists on playing for twenty minutes, but Juan continues. Dani offers to give Juan a cardio workout by fucking her, revealing her wet and hard nipples. Juan gets Dani naked, eats her pussy, and delivers a powerful blow to her throat. They then ride Juan in cowgirl, rub her clit, and continue their stiffie ride in reverse cowgirl fashion, twerking her buttocks. The offer is genuine and demonstrates Dani's commitment to her physical fitness.
Turning Up The Heat - S1:E3
Boy / Girl
Pristine Edge convinces her stepson Jimmy Michaels to date four of her milf acquaintances and one mystery woman. In this episode of Dating My Stepson, Cassie Del Isla and Jimmy work together to cook a pizza, focusing on flirtatiousness. Jimmy confides in her that he prefers younger women. Cassie invites Jimmy to eat her nude pussy, demonstrating how good an older woman can suck cock. Their passionate exchange ends happily, with Cassie falling back on her knees.
My New Bratty Sister - S23:E7
Boy / Girl
Brick Danger, a stepbrother, struggles to adjust to living with Sweet Sophia, who is only wearing a thong. Despite being reprimanded, he knocks on Sophia's room door and shares a heartfelt moment. Sophia is eager to see Brick's dick, which she teases him about at school. She tries to entice him to give her the dick, but is reprimanded and blocks him. Sophia then undresses and rides on Brick's back, allowing him to feel his dick inside her. As they return home, Sophia shows her enjoyment of his dick, marking the beginning of their new stepsibling relationship.