Despite having two attractive stepsisters, Oliver Flynn has discovered a way to sneak into both of their trousers. To help his audience understand his process, he even created a video showing them how to accomplish it. According to Oliver, there are three simple stages. Gain their trust first. Start a rumour second. Strike three. Oliver performed the trust phase by giving the girls snacks, applying suntan lotion while they were in the sun, and more. Oliver invented a rumour that his dick is huge, which piqued the interest of other females at school and made his stepsisters curious to find out what all the excitement was about. The third step is to wait for the girls to approach him. Oliver is patient with Hime's and Gianna's increasingly forceful advances. Despite Gianna's best attempts, he enters the shower and leaves. The females are changing clothing when he enters. They entice him with casual nudity, asking him to stay and share his thoughts on their new attire. Since Oliver had just witnessed them both in their pants, they seize the chance to request to view Oliver's dick. The girls want what they want, even though he puts up a modest opposition. Once they lay eyes on Oliver, they tell him to get on the bed so they can play with it. The next thing he knows, Hime and Gianna are helping themselves to his goods, stroking him off and swallowing his balls and cock. Not even a combined handie and BJ will do for these two cock-obsessed chicks. Gianna gets to try a stiffie ride first, while Hime waits anxiously for her turn. When Hime does eventually receive a doggy-style twat, Gianna is there to stifle her stepsister's cries. Hime lets Gianna ride her face and keeps taking what Oliver is happy to provide while lying on her back. Gianna enjoys one more try at her stepbrother's hardon until he nuts inside her in a creampie, and then Hime and Gianna switch places. Gianna and Hime are content, relishing the taste of Oliver's come.

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Cody Carter, his stepsister Gracie Gates and friend Brookie Blair, find the girls' excessive loudness bothering and takes images of women in skimpy shorts as revenge. Gracie approaches Cody for a ride to the beach, but he refuses due to lack of money for gas. The girls return to Cody's room, and they share a double blowie, leaving him smooth with their spit and hard as a rock. Cody enjoys a threesome with his stepfamily, eating Brookie's pussy and Gracie's pussy. Gracie and Brookie continue to fuck, with Cody riding Brookie's tongue and Brookie getting pounded on the creamy cowgirl ride.
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