Because Mackenzie Mace is completely into girls, she has a very laid-back relationship with her stepbrother Johnny. In order to acquire his judgment on whether or not different clothing suggest that she likes pussy, she decides to stage a fashion show. Taking notes on his criticism, she repeatedly visits Johnny's room while dressing differently each time. As Mackenzie tries to clarify that she's attempting to determine how her various costumes effect her relationships, Johnny's remarks become more and more sexual. to illustrate the impact of his stepsister's fashion exhibition on him. Johnny pulls out his hardon. Mackenzie has never wanted a dick, but she has to confess that she's interested now that she's got the chance to go close to one. I'm willing to let Mackenzie explore, Johnny. She approaches him and begs to examine his balls. She invites Johnny to touch her breasts as she carries out her experimentation. Mackenzie's notes had turned into an ode to her stepbrother's dick by the time she offers to have a real live man touch, suck, and finger her pussy. Mackenzie offers Johnny a place to stick it in because he is already face down in her avaricious snatch. How could he refuse an invitation this lovely? For their first moment together, Johnny makes Mackenzie get on her hands and knees. She's only curious at first, but before long, she becomes engrossed! She recoils at Johnny's touches, demonstrating to her that a guy's dick can be just as satisfying as anything a woman can offer. She attempts a couple more poses, getting on Johnny's fuck stick and riding him in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Mackenzie lays on her back and leads Johnny with her moans as Johnny gives it to her as they At the last possible moment, Johnny pulls out and approaches Mackenzie's mouth to give her a facial that allows her to enjoy his come shot. As it happens, Mackenzie has a thing for some guys in addition to girls.

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