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How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother - S20:E3
Threesome FFM
Molly Little and Khloe Kapri discuss their love for blowing their load across different distances in Molly's bedroom. Jay Romero, Molly's stepbrother, overhears the conversation and makes fun of him. Molly and Khloe play with Jay, offering him a chance to fuck Molly if he can shoot his load five feet. Khloe licks Jay's balls and cock, but finds the show insufficient. Molly shares some of the D, while Khloe eats Molly out and performs a backwards cowgirl ride on the fuck stick. The girls bring Jay off again, giving him a sticky facial.
Stepsis Really Wants My Cock - S23:E1
Nek Sinner and Cristy White are a couple who fight over money hidden on the ground. Nek reveals that Christy's tits are visible, and she takes it back. After the stepsiblings leave, Christy takes a seat next to Nek and demands an apology. Nek apologizes, and Christy takes him in, giving him a blowjob. They continue their chemistry in the doggy, with Christy sucking Nek one last time before giving him a cum shot.
Take Your Fun Sized Sister And Her Friends To The Amusement Park For Fourth Of July - S17:E8
Madi Collins hosts a Fourth of July celebration for her friends Lulu Chu and Jessie Saint. They invite Codey Steele, Madi's stepbrother, to take them to the theme park for a ride. Codey insists that the girls aren't tall enough to ride, and he offers to take on the role of guardian if Madi sucks his dick in front of her friends. Madi fulfills her promise, and the girls enjoy the ride. Madi boards the D, and Lulu laps at Jessie's twat, taking Codey's cock. Lulu and Jessie enjoy the ride, and Madi lets Codey reach his limit of endurance. Codey tells the girls that nothing he does will get them to follow the rules.
My Sisters Hot Friend - S9:E9
Rion King, a lusty stepbro, spies on his stepsister Isabella Nice and masturbates her. His mother, Sovereign Sire, punishes him by sending him to his room. Rion sneaks into their closet, making noise to impress Isabella. She invites him to press his dick into her twat, but Sovereign nearly catches them. Isabella makes fun of Rion and warns Lexi about his secret. Isabella reluctantly helps her deliver a double BJ, but Isabella becomes frightened and her mother arrives to investigate.
April 2022 Flavor Of The Month Anna Claire Clouds - S2:E9
Boy / Girl
On April Fool's Day, Anna Claire Clouds tries to pull practical jokes on her stepbrother Nathan Bronson. She covers the toilet with saran wrap and adds super glue to Nathan's lube. Nathan is offended and asks Anna to help remove the glue. Anna Claire reveals Nathan has an attractive cock and decides to get it. She apologizes to Nathan and has a frantic fuck with him. Anna Claire encourages Nathan to shoe his dick into her twat, and they enjoy intense orgasms. When Nathan bursts, Anna Claire pushes him over the edge and plays with the large glob of cum while grinning and looking dirty.
My Stepsister Found My Extra Large Condoms - S24:E3
Boy / Girl
Chloe Rose finds XL condoms on her stepbrother Jay Romero's nightstand, surprising him. She invites him to a movie night, and Jay is surprised by her politeness. Chloe's tongue and hands are all over Jay's cock, making him confident. She enjoys the sensation of the large salami filling her up during cowgirl and reverse cowgirl poses, but spooning sex is irritating. Jay pulls out to cum on her stomach for the first time, knowing he's satisfied.
Sorority Mom Fucks Step Sister And Brother - S1:E5
Threesome FFM
Kimmy Granger, a stepsister, discovers she needs to urinate and begs Damon not to tell anyone about their secret. She promises to go down on Damon if he keeps his mouth quiet. Brandi Love interrupts their sexual encounter and instructs Kimmy to teach her how to fuck a man. Damon uses Kimmy's exposed position to his advantage, sliding into her snatch and giving her a hard pussy pounding. Brandi insists on seeing Kimmy ride Damon's cock to give her tips on how to do it better. They work Damon to the edge of his endurance, pushing him over and swallowing his jizz, saving Kimmy's salty love in a snowball effect.
My Step Sister Has A Girlfriend - S14:E10
Threesome FFM
Tony's stepsister Lily Larimar admits to seeing a new female, and Tony is eager to meet her. Megan Rain knocks on the door and makes out with Lily, discussing bikinis. The girls move to Lily's room, where Tony spyes on them and provides a ball-sucking double BJ. The girls get down on their knees and let Tony play with them. Lily experiences Tony's cock in the dog, while Megan repositions herself on her back. Tony pulls Megan closer, sinking his teeth into her snatch. The girls alternately ride Tony's fuck stick and blow him until he pops, giving them a crunchy treat.
My Stepsister And Her Hot Friend Have Dildo Bikes - S24:E10
Step Family
Molly Little and her friend Jade Maris enjoy working out, but Jodie Johnson, Molly's stepbrother, starts ogling them. The girls make fun of him, and when he returns, he stomps on them individually, choking Molly and Jade. They then proceed for a blowjob, and before switching places, they sit Jodie down on the couch for Jade to ride in reverse cowgirl mode. Molly shares a long, cummy kiss with Jade, licking the jizz from Jade's stomach.
Stepsisters Dirty Laundry - S24:E2
Step Family
Tyler Cruise, his stepsister, carries his soiled laundry and daydreams about Maria Kazi's attractive tits. Maria enters and does her own laundry, taking off her clothes. Tyler delivers the cleaned clothes and asks Maria to suck her underwear. Tyler nudges her, then allows her to suck off their secretions. The best part comes when Tyler puts Maria on her knees for a doggy fuck, and the ideal ending is when Tyler gives Maria a cum shot.