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Lets Play A Game Stepdad - S27:E2

Mark Wood can't stop staring at Leana Lovings, his new stepdaughter. Leana has a similar attraction to her stepfather. Mark becomes enraged when Leana leaves her room in the skimpiest of clothes because the house is too warm. Leana sits down with Mark on the couch, which she claims is the coolest place in the home, after Mark verifies that the air conditioner is broken. Leana is ready to overlook it, but Mark remarks that her shorts are a tad too revealing. Leana responds by informing her stepdaddy that, if he gets her drift, she's bored and wants to do something a little more grown-up. Leana can easily creep up on Mark and give him a fantastic blowjob because he already has chub for his gorgeous stepdaughter. Mark's weak protests vanish as Leana's seductive lips work their spell. Leana moans as Mark returns the favor and licks her pussy. Then, as he squeezes her velvety bottom, he pulls her up to ride his throbbing dick. Leana then climbs back on Mark's fuck stick and bounces away in reverse cowgirl fashion after a canine-style romp. Her adult pleasure is far from over. In order to savor that creamy snatch until his stepdaughter is writhing, Mark flips Leana onto her back. Groaning, he gives her a creampie and leaves Leana with a ton of sperm to enjoy.

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My Stepsister Thinks She Has A Super Pussy - S19:E6
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Maya Woulfe, a woman with a rumored'superpower', is criticized by her friends and ex-boyfriends for wearing his socks and not wearing any pants. Maya tries to turn the tables on Rion King, who is unaware of her superpowers. She calls Rion out for his indiscretion and confirms her'super pussy' by putting the friend she's talking to on speakerphone. Maya calls Rion to corroborate her claims and he agrees. She then rides Rion in cowgirl mode, allowing her tits to be massaged while being raped. Rion reveals he feels like an ordinary pussy and leaves, leaving Maya to tell her best friend.
Is That A Shark In Your Pants - S26:E3
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In honor of Shark Month, Penelope Kay and Ginger Gray enjoy playing with sharks. Rico Hernandez, Penelope's stepbrother, enters and threatens to dominate the shark game. Penelope agrees, but Rico tries to force her to bleed during Shark Week. They quarrel, but Penelope knows it's because she wants to have sex with him. Later, they lie in bed together, masturbating and playing with shark toys. Rico sneaks in and lusts after them, but Penelope confronts him after dressing in a shark hoodie. Ginger exploits the sexual tension, allowing Penelope to unleash her inner shark and attack Rico. They engage in a double BJ, and Ginger gives Rico a cream pie filled with swimmers for Ginger to remove and snowball with her best friend.
Stepsister Caught Camming - S25:E5
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Tory Sweety, a horny exhibitionist, uses internet camming to supplement her income. She masturbates her hairless pussy in front of her fans, using any vibrator they want. However, she is caught off guard by her stepbrother Ralf Christian, who is not impressed. Tory goes all out instead of being defensive, applying pressure to Ralf, giving her a doggy, and matching his stroke for stroke. Ralf pumps his way into the velvet glove, gluts Tory with a creampie, and concludes that having a stepsibling who is desperate for money might not be so horrible after all.
Bet You Cant Make Me Cum - S23:E9
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Leana Lovings is on a webcam with her friend Quinton James, who is her stepbrother. Leana confronts Quinton about her laundry and tries to avoid family drama. Quinton is done, and Leana is naked on the couch. Leana ends the call to have a serious conversation with Quinton, who tries to snitch on her. Leana topples over, hooking her ankle over Quinton's shoulder, and he pulls out to nut on her tummy. Leana licks Quinton's jizz clean and tells him to finish her washing.
August 2022 Flavor Of The Month Leana Lovings - S3:E1
Leana Lovings celebrates National Disobedience Day and National Bikini Day, while her stepbrother, Codey Steele, asks if she's ready for her mom's party. Leana chooses National Lollipop Day and celebrates National Nudity Day, sucking and caring for Codey's stiffie. She rides him in reverse cowgirl fashion, shoving her tits in his face and letting him suck her. Before Codey pulls out and busts his nut all over her belly, Leana rolls onto her back and takes one last bald pussy from her stepbrother.