Khloe Kapri's mother just got married to someone else, and Khloe adores her new stepfather. She frequently asks Robby Echo, her new stepbrother, where his father is. She is wearing fewer and fewer clothes every time Khloe asks. When Khloe sees Robby staring at her, she initially becomes enraged with him for being a pervert. However, Robby later discovers Khloe wearing only knickers and dejectedly sitting on the couch. She admits that she noticed her stepfather had a lovely dick and wanted to have some for herself when she happened to walk in on him. But now that she's been shut down, she's horny and on her own. But she's started to wonder if Robby would have a great dick of his own if Robby's dad does. She proceeds to flaunt her pants for Robby's amusement. She even takes Robby's hands and presses them on her titties. When Khloe realises Robby is nice and hard, she pulls his fuck stick out and spreads her mouth wide to begin sucking! Robby is persuaded to take things a step further and offer Khloe whatever she desires by her careless BJ. Khloe gets up and settles herself on Robby's dick to begin their fuck session. She scuttles away, but Robby strikes gold when he gets Khloe settled onto the couch for a thorough doggie fuck. Next, Robby reclines, allowing Khloe to mount him in cowgirl mode. Khloe lets Robby take advantage of her one last time by exposing herself completely after jumping off the D and getting on her back. In a climax of his own, he grants Khloe her wish for an orgasm and then steps in to cover her muff. Khloe acknowledges that she's been much more into having a stepbrother lately.

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February 2022 Flavor Of The Month Chloe Temple - S2:E7
Boy / Girl
Chloe Temple, a birthday girl, wants her stepbrother's dick as a gift. She uses a stepladder and asks Nathan for help. Nathan is initially hesitant, but Chloe convinces him to try it. She then grabs balloons and wears her birthday suit and sash. Nathan tries to resist her charms, but Chloe suggests they try it. Nathan, unsure of his response, enters to feast on Chloe's twat. Chloe performs a sloppy stiffie ride, then a missionary punch. Nathan treats Chloe like a personal steed and gives her the creampie she's begging for. Chloe is beaming and happy with her birthday treat.