This year, Lana Smalls is looking forward to costume day. She is going to surprise Parker Ambrose, her stepbrother. Clad in a sensual rendition of a space figure, she bemoans Parker's misconception that they are having sex but aren't. Lana knows how to remedy that. Lana can sense how much Parker is already pushing her since she's on his lap. She pops his stiffie out while on her knees. She grabs him by the root, spreads her mouth, and starts to suck him dry. Parker is set to experience the thrill of finally getting to fuck his stepsis thanks to Lana's seductive blowjob. Lana gets back into Parker's lap while still wearing her bikini bottoms, pushing her bottom out of the way to ride him like a backwards cowgirl. She turns to face the cowgirl and then lies on her back with Parker nestled between her thighs, allowing him to dick her. Parker gets nuts in Lana's mouth as she suckers and strokes him till the stepsiblings have had their fun in the dog. At last, it looks like all the gossip at school about them is accurate!

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