Emma Hix hasn't spent much more than a year with Tommy Gunn, her stepfather. Emma has an intense crush on him since he's a hot shot in the military who's been on some kind of covert operation. She feels so driven to masturbate, in fact. When Tommy gets home, she is in the middle of finger-banging herself. Tommy is coming to take Emma camping, but Emma is so engrossed in her obsession that she hardly notices. During their planned daddy-daughter time together, she has become even more determined to have him recognize her for the woman she truly is. There's a lot of sexual tension during the trip to the campsite. Tommy attempts to ignore the fact that his stepdaughter is attracted to him, but he can't stop his cock from hardening. After setting up camp, they ride off on Tommy's quad. After Tommy demonstrates how to fire a variety of weapons, Emma fires one of her own. After telling Tommy that she would want to try out another rifle, she forces him back onto his quad so she can ignore his objections and pull his stiffie out for a suck. This lady loves to suck dick, and Tommy's protests are quickly silenced by her enchanted lips. They move it indoors, where Emma lets her hot mouth run wild once more before escalating the situation. Emma jumps on Tommy's dick and rides him the way she's always imagined she would. She gives cowgirling and reverse cowgirling a go, riding Tommy hard in her tight twat. Then she drains him of all her energy and compels him to get up so he may actually fulfill her desires. Emma leans against a post and wags her posterior to entice Tommy to return inside. After giving her a good fuck where she is, he shoves Emma onto her back and lets loose with some serious sex. Tommy delivers Emma the creampie of her dreams at her urging. Emma asks to take a shower together, Tommy's sperm trickling out of her. Tommy manages to revive it for one final game of fun with Emma. Emma is thrilled as he puts a second load in her mouth after fucking her to the climax.

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