While strolling home, Kimmy Granger, the stepsister, discovers she has to urinate immediately! When they go home after her accident, Kimmy begs Damon not to tell anyone as they take off their clothing to put in the washing machine. She promises to go down on Damon if he would keep his mouth quiet because she is so sincere about wanting to protect their secret. Kimmy encourages Damon to lie down so she may ride him and slide onto his cock when he says he's still not sure. As Brandi Love interrupts them, they are in the midst of having a sexual encounter. She informs Kimmy that she's going to teach her how to fuck a man after taking off her clothing. After Brandi strips off, she puts the humiliated Kimmy back on top of Damon's dick. She quickly gains control over her boy toy and makes her enormous, enlarged tits jiggle with the intensity of her thrusts. After a while, Brandi grows sympathetic toward Kimmy and offers to teach her how to make a man bow. She starts off by teaching Kimmy some wet, lustful blowjob techniques, but shortly after, Brandi starts teaching her more seductive ways to win people over. Damon uses the hot mother's exposed position to his advantage, sliding deep into her snatch and giving her a hard pussy pounding when Kimmy jumps up onto the washing machine and spreads her legs so Brandi can suck and finger fuck her bald pussy. After that, Brandi insists on seeing Kimmy ride Damon's cock so she can give her tips on how to do it better. Though she's not doing this for free, she forces Damon to eat out of her cum thirsty twat by planting her landing strip Putting their naughty mouths to work, Brandi and Kimmy work Damon to the very edge of his endurance and then push him over so that he spurts his cum deep into Brandi's throat. Brandi swallows down Damon's jizz, saving just enough to share the salty love with Kimmy in a snowball effect.

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I Can Do That For You Stepsis - S3:E5
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Haley Reed, a caller on Lil Sis, shares her experience with her stepbrother Juan Loco, who used to provide her with lavish meals. However, Juan's girlfriend ended their relationship, and Haley had to give him physical affection. She was led by Alex, who shared her experience with Juan, who confessed his desire to have sex with her. Haley embraced Juan, fucked him, and smothered him. When Juan pulled out, Haley was left with no options. Alex then reveals that a transactional coupling isn't necessary.
I Thought I Was Alone - S31:E12
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Theodora Day enjoys spending time alone, removing her clothing and masturbating her tummy. When her stepbrother, Juan Loco, arrives home, she offers to fuck her once. After blowing him out, she slides him onto a hardboard for a stiffie ride. Despite her dissatisfaction, she lets Juan dick her in a doggie manner. Theodora rolls onto her back, opens her thighs, and lets out a mewl of joy before cumming all over her tummy.
A Lesson In Discipline For Stepsis - S3:E4
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Love coach Alex Coal hosts a hotline on Lil Sis, where Parker Ambrose discusses Lulu Chu's affair with Brooke Barclays. Brooke threatened to alert Parker's father if he found out again. Lulu hasn't taken the situation seriously, and her mother has been playing tricks on him. Parker chastises Lulu with a hard kiss, eating her pussy and having her suck his dick. Lulu cowgirds up to Parker's hardon, giving her a final orgasm before he finishes. Lulu tries to get Parker in trouble by stealing his clothes, but he gets out.
Easter Dick For Stepsis And Friend - S31:E10
Jade Maris and Jade Kimiko are creating Easter decorations, but they also want to have a dicking down. Jade Maris suggests they make fun of Parker Ambrose, Jade Kimiko's stepbrother, until he fucks them. They start by building dicks, allowing them to torment him. They dress in attractive lingerie with Easter themes and plead for Parker's carrot. Parker gives them a smorgasbord of pussies, and Jade Kimiko spins around while nibbling. Jade Maris kneels, and they ride Parker in reverse cowgirl. They tag out one last time, with Jade Kimiko leaning closer to assist.
Stepsis Is Looking For Good Dick - S31:E8
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Simon Kitty, Tommy Gold's stepsister, is impressed by Tommy's dick images but annoyed by his actions. Tommy enters to take a whiff of her pants, but Simon captures him by making noise. She sucks Tommy's dick down his throat, licks his face, and eats her. She then climbs onto Tommy's body, sucking his pussy onto his face. Tommy tosses Simon onto her back, dicking his stepsis down in a doggy fashion. They continue their heated eye contact. Simon finally rides him like a cowgirl, giving her a hot cream pie.
Giving Stepbro The Pussy - S25:E10
Parker Sims' stepsister, Jojo Austin, wrinkles the sheets while Parker tries to make his own. Jojo leaves furious and invites herself into his bed, where she masturbates. Parker finds Jojo and has a lustful BJ with Jojo's hot lips around his fuck stick. Jojo rides Parker and fulfills her vow to sabotage the sheets by getting on top of him. Parker spoons behind her, making her squeal and groaning before giving her a facial.
I Can Still Be Your Boyfriend Stepsis - S3:E2
Girl / Girl
Alex Coal hosts a hotline on Lil Sis, discussing the growing intimacy between Lucky Fae and his new stepsister, Haley Spades. They had started making out and getting hot on movie dates. Haley revealed that their parents left them unexpectedly, and Lucky got her pants off to lick and finger bang her. Haley provided a blowout, making the two eager to hook up. Alex ends the call, stating that they have a normal connection and shouldn't let labels stop them.
Candlelit Romance - S3:E2
Girl / Girl
In the episode of Dating My Stepson, Shalina Devine and Alex Charger are on a romantic dinner date. Despite attempting to downplay their relationship, Shalina is unable to stop hitting Alex. She undoes Alex's trousers, pecking and massaging him, and eventually gives him a kiss. Shalina rides Alex like a cowgirl, climbing onto his lap for closeness. When he blows his nut within her, she turns around in reverse cowgirl mode.
February 2024 Flavor Of The Month Theodora Day - S4:E7
Boy / Girl
Theodora Day, a football fanatic, invites her stepbro Parker Ambrose to a football team sex. Despite Parker's initial reluctance, Theodora persists, showcasing her exceptional blowjob. Parker eagerly tries to get his hands on her, but Theodora insists on slicing her slit. Theodora then hops onto Parker's stpebro to ride him in reverse cowgirl fashion. As their time ends, Theodora pleads for Parker to leave and get all over her.
Your Stepbrother Has A Big Dick - S30:E11
Amber Summer, the new stepsister of Apollo Banks, and her friend Skyler Storm are in their bedroom, attempting to get into his pants. After her stepfather refuses, Amber convinces Apollo to have a good dick. They alternate sucking, and Apollo can easily slip home. Skyler scales Amber's face and rides her tongue, while Amber eats her BFF out. Apollo pounds Amber and Skylar, leaving a mess for the two coeds to clean.
January 2024 Flavor Of The Month Rissa May - S4:E6
Boy / Girl
Rissa May enjoys playing in the snow with her stepbrother Rion King, but is frustrated with the lack of snow. She argues that despite not getting pregnant, it's still pleasurable to have sex and take cocaine. Rissa and Rion play together, but Rissa's miniskirt slides up as they ride on a boner. They switch positions and Rissa reveals they're not going sledding anymore. She goes for a BJ and rocks back and forth, while Rion is surprised when she tells him she believes he may have gotten her pregnant after sampling the cum.
My Stepsister Plays To Win - S25:E4
Girl / Girl
Ohana Petite enjoys playing video games but is still developing her skills. Her stepbrother, Alex Charger, informs her that their relationship is over and she is not allowed to handle his belongings. Ohana, lustful, paws at his shorts and suctions him. She gives him a reverse cowgirl ride, then collapsing onto her side for spooning sex. Ohana witnesses Alex giving her a final dick before pulling out to enjoy the experience.
Happy Nude Year - S30:E5
Threesome FFM
Angel Gostosa and Madison Wilde plan a New Year's Eve party, dressing in gorgeous outfits. They invite Juan Loco, their stepbrother, for help. They decide to have a naked year's celebration, dressing in masks. Juan refuses to wear boxers, but Angel agrees to ride a cowgirl. Madison takes Angel's place on Juan's dick, enjoying every last bit of his hardon. The girls are beaming with pleasure as they welcome the naked year with this sexy new tradition.
How To Stop Perving On Tits - S1:E9
Boy / Girl
Hailey Rose helps Nathan Bronson, her stepbrother, with eye contact training. She teaches him to keep his eyes fixed on her nipples and flashes him. Nathan admits he wants to fuck her, and Hailey reveals she's not wearing underwear. He rewards her with a pussy feast. Hailey then straddles Nathan's hips, landing him on his back. Nathan enjoys the jiggling and hugs her ass. Hailey greets Dog, matching Nathan's strokes, and he reciprocates with a deep kiss.
Twice The Fun For Stepsis - S30:E4
Threesome MMF
Parker Ambrose's stepsister Angel Gostosa and Rion King watch a movie together, making love to Parker. They offer Angel food, drinks, and massages. Angel begs them to have a threesome, sucking Parker's cocks and revealing her titties. She blows Rion, slurps fluids from Parker's hardon, and rides Parker like a reverse cowgirl. After giving Parker an inverted BJ, Angel gives her stepbro and friend lots of cuddles, making her smile broadly.
My Stepsis Cant Get Enough Cock - S30:E3
Kimmy Kimm, dressed in a bikini, top, and miniskirt, is forbidden to visit the beach due to her stepbro Donnie Rock's control. She admits her sexuality and reveals her titties to Donnie. Kimmy cries out for Donnie to fuck her while masturbating in front of him, but he refuses. Donnie gives Kimmy a deep dick, watching his stepsis ride his stiffie in cowgirl mode. Donnie allows Kimmy to go to the beach after she swallows a cum shot off his dick.
The Right Tool For The Job - S1:E8
Boy / Girl
Xxlayna Marie calls Quinton James for her dryer repair job, and Xxlayna finds him attractive. She strips naked for him, revealing her stepbrother is watching and threatening to dump a load inside her. Quinton goes into a tight fuck hole, and they gather with a ravenous appetite. Quinton tries to get at Xxlayna, but Xxlayna blows at him, vowing to return soon. The story highlights the tension between Xxlayna and Quinton.
Pick Me Im Perfect - S1:E4
Boy / Girl
Amber Summer, a competitor on Pristine Edge's gameshow, meets Jayden Marcos and Pristine for an interview. Despite Jayden's initial reluctance, he goes on a date with Pristine's planned females. Amber, being self-indulgent, has Jayden's fuck stick down her throat and mouth. Amber then sucks Jayden's fuck on her back, allowing Jayden to experience a reverse cowgirl ride. However, Pristine returns, and Jayden admits Amber isn't the little stepsister he's been searching for.
Stepsisters Of Christmas Past - S31:E6
Juan Loco is excited about the end of Christmas and his numerous stepsisters. His stepsister, Xxlayna Marie, helps him understand his dislike for Christmas. She plays back a clip of Jill Kassidy, another stepsister, interrupting BJ to open presents. Myra Moans, Christmas Present's stepsister, lectures Juan about doing something for his stepsisters. Jill, the future stepsister, tries to suck Juan out of him, but he passes out. The three girls kneel above him, preparing to screw him for Christmas.