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Step Sister Caught - S1:E8

Gia Paige, Logan Pierce's stepsister, has been found masturbating while watching porn. Logan gets her to promise to follow his instructions anytime he says them after she begs him not to tell. He used his influence to force Gia to perform tasks that put her in uncomfortable situations at first, but he quickly discovers that he can also use it to force Gia to rub his extremely erect cock. It doesn't take much after that for her to suck him off. Logan, desperate for more, assures Gia that no one will ever find out if she lets him fuck her. She accepts, and as soon as he starts to pound on her desperate twat, Logan's dick fills her landing strip pussy. Despite the events that up to their meeting, Gia quickly becomes completely engrossed in getting her snatch crammed while Logan repeatedly makes her groan. Gia even takes charge of the performance by giving Logan a stiffie ride while on her hands and knees, all in her needy twat. Gia's pulsating pussy walls push Logan to the limit of his endurance, where he creams her entire back and bottom, leaving one last mess for Gia to clean up after they get off on a doggy style fuck.

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