bubbly coed Michelle Anderson was taken aback to receive a letter informing her that she owed a large sum of money. Tony, her stepbrother, stops by to see what's all the fuss about. Michelle doesn't agree with any of his suggestions for where she can go to get the money she needs to pay the bill. Since she knows Tony has the dinero, she wants him to help her, but he declines and leaves to go to work. Later, when Tony returns home, Michelle is lying in his bed. She announces to Tony that she has a new career—making porn. Michelle needs Tony's assistance for her upcoming first photo session. Tony attempts to act as though Michelle is having an affair with him, but she is serious. She can't take her hands off her stepbro because she wants to practise so much. Tony insisted that Michelle flaunt her ass and tits for him before he would give in. Tony gives in and lets her have his way after touching her pussy and noticing how lovely and moist his stepsis is. His hardon is immediately rewarded with Michelle's velvety lips encircling it to suck him in. After Michelle has shown him how skilled she is at guzzling balls and sucking cock, she gets into bed to show him just how good of a lay she truly is. She has such a lovely booty jiggle with every stroke as she rides Tony's hardon. After sucking in her own fluids, she turns over onto her back, allowing Tony to stand by the bed and give her a smack. Michelle groans with pleasure as she rubs her nipples and puts her hands on her tits, feeling her large stepbrother's cock inside her. Tony delivers one last dramatic moment to his stepsis by slapping that ass when Michelle is on her knees crying. Then he lets Michelle suck him dry so he can give her an intense facial that makes him believe she'll be fantastic in porn.

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