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Step Sis Finds A Pot Of Gold And Her Brothers Dick - S17:E9
Girl / Girl
Haley Reed invites her friend Vina Sky to a candy hunt and lingerie party for St. Patrick's Day. AJ, Haley's stepbrother, spying on them, but Vina is secretly interested. The girls dress up in festive green panties and wiggle their asses to entice AJ to join in. Haley eats some candy, and AJ uses it as an opportunity to fuck Vina. Haley gets a stiffie ride, and Vina devours her. The girls switch places, and Vina positions herself perfectly for AJ to emerge from his stepsis and plant a hot load on her.
We Want You - S9:E10
Lexi Lore and Vienna Black are competing in a Memorial Day body paint tournament. Codey Steele, Lexi's stepbrother, enjoys the scene and teases the girls. Vienna is intrigued but is scared off. Codey offers to leave in exchange for a handie. Vienna tries to encourage Lexi to join, but she is too grossed out. Vienna lets Codey slam into her twat, and Lexi rides along. After giving Vienna a beating, they blow him with a cum. Vienna is happy with the facial, but Lexi is furious.
Stepdad Gives Me What I Want - S29:E5
Girl / Girl
Ivi Rein is daydreaming and sketching when Ricky Rascal visits her. Despite Ricky's reluctance to engage, Ivi decides to witness his fucking. She sneaks a peek at his large hardon, feeling like she's masturbating. Ricky, unaware of her intentions, hesitates to say no. Ivi continues seducing Ricky, using his hardon for handie and dick licking. Ricky loses control, and Ivi sleeps to kiss her pussy. Ricky then pulls Ivi into his lap to ride his fuck stick, giving her a spoonful and a creampie.
Stepsis And Friend Give It To Me - S21:E7
Girl / Girl
Maria Kazi and Mira Monroe, recently graduated from high school, are excited for their first year in college. Mira admits to being a virgin, and Maria helps her navigate college by using a vibrator to lick her friend's clit. Maria shares her knowledge of suck cock and reverse cowgirl riding with Mira. They trade places, and Mira opens her thighs for Jay to amuse herself. Maria licks her best friend's anus while Jay hits her in the ass, and Maria uses Mira to snowball the reward.
Wanna Play With Us Stepbro - S24:E8
Halloween is a time for creative costumes and Trick or Treat. Chanel Camryn, Tiana Blow, and Chloe Temple are packing bags for the event. Juan Loco, Chanel's stepbrother, enters and starts massaging Chanel's back. Tiana and Chloe want Juan to play with them, but he resumes his assassination. After giving out candy, they discover Juan buried balls in Chanel's snatch. Chloe and Tiana request Juan's hardon, and they all suck it dry, leading to a sticky confection that coats Chanel's face.
You Can Wear My Shirts But I Want Inside Your Pants Stepsis - S27:E5
Girl / Girl
Kyler Quinn loves wearing her stepbrother Lucky Fae's clothes, but when Lucky confronts her about it, she only wears his shirt and thong. Lucky explains that he wants his clothing back and that her stepfamily's sex fixation is abnormal. Kyler steals her clothes again and tells Lucky she needs something large, cozy, and warm for her pregnancy. Lucky agrees to cum in her, and Kyler enjoys riding the stiffie with her. As Kyler binds her ankles behind his back, he realizes he will cum in his stepsister.
I Need A Cock To Cum - S30:E6
Girl / Girl
Madison Wilde waits for her girlfriend Aria Valencia to visit her in her bedroom, eager to test out her newly shiny dildo. Their passionate kisses become intense, and Madison needs a dick to cum. Madison announces her stepbrother Max Fills is back at home, and Aria follows Madison inside. They have a threesome, with Madison riding her tongue and Aria devouring Madison. Max gives Madison a creampie, which Aria samples, at the behest of Madison and Aria.