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Perving On My Stepsister - S23:E4
Girl / Girl
Leana Lovings, Lucky Fae's stepbrother, is adjusting to her new life and is spotted by Lucky, who takes advantage of her lack of attention. Despite her warnings, Lucky falls through the entrance and enters the restroom. Leana and Lucky try to contain their lust, but eventually move into the bedroom, where Leana offers Lucky a chance to rest on her exposed mound. They lick the tips of their fingers with a seductive smile, covered with cum.
Step Sis Finds A Pot Of Gold And Her Brothers Dick - S17:E9
Girl / Girl
Haley Reed invites her friend Vina Sky to a candy hunt and lingerie party for St. Patrick's Day. AJ, Haley's stepbrother, spying on them, but Vina is secretly interested. The girls dress up in festive green panties and wiggle their asses to entice AJ to join in. Haley eats some candy, and AJ uses it as an opportunity to fuck Vina. Haley gets a stiffie ride, and Vina devours her. The girls switch places, and Vina positions herself perfectly for AJ to emerge from his stepsis and plant a hot load on her.
I Had My Stepsisters Thanksgiving Pie - S29:E7
Girl / Girl
On Thanksgiving, Katie Kush and her friend Skyler Storm attend a dinner with her mother Lindsay Lee and stepbrother Jay Romero. Lindsay proposes Jay date Skyler after Katie tells her mother about Jay's dislike for a female. Jay reveals his desire to have sex with his stepsister. The three engage in a heated masturbation performance, with Skyler turning over on Katie's back for Jay to pound her. Katie sultrys as Skyler rides Jay in cowgirl attire. As Skyler doesdles herself and Jay blows a nut on her stomach, Katie switches out with her best friend.
Stepsis And Friend Give It To Me - S21:E7
Girl / Girl
Maria Kazi and Mira Monroe, recently graduated from high school, are excited for their first year in college. Mira admits to being a virgin, and Maria helps her navigate college by using a vibrator to lick her friend's clit. Maria shares her knowledge of suck cock and reverse cowgirl riding with Mira. They trade places, and Mira opens her thighs for Jay to amuse herself. Maria licks her best friend's anus while Jay hits her in the ass, and Maria uses Mira to snowball the reward.
Wanna Play With Us Stepbro - S24:E8
Halloween is a time for creative costumes and Trick or Treat. Chanel Camryn, Tiana Blow, and Chloe Temple are packing bags for the event. Juan Loco, Chanel's stepbrother, enters and starts massaging Chanel's back. Tiana and Chloe want Juan to play with them, but he resumes his assassination. After giving out candy, they discover Juan buried balls in Chanel's snatch. Chloe and Tiana request Juan's hardon, and they all suck it dry, leading to a sticky confection that coats Chanel's face.
My Stepsister Plays To Win - S25:E4
Girl / Girl
Ohana Petite enjoys playing video games but is still developing her skills. Her stepbrother, Alex Charger, informs her that their relationship is over and she is not allowed to handle his belongings. Ohana, lustful, paws at his shorts and suctions him. She gives him a reverse cowgirl ride, then collapsing onto her side for spooning sex. Ohana witnesses Alex giving her a final dick before pulling out to enjoy the experience.
Do You Want To Play A Game - S29:E2
Myra Moans, Megan Marx, and her stepbrother Parker Ambrose are trapped in a bedroom wearing Halloween costumes. They must strip to escape, and a key drops from Parker's clothing. They play a game where Myra must suck him off while Megan watches. The TV returns, and they decide to remain or leave to watch their captor. After a double blowjob, they saddle up Parker, and Myra nibbles Megan, enjoying a treat. At the end, the girls share their treat when Parker jerks off in his own chamber.
Giving My Stepsister Her Christmas Present - S25:E5
Lacy Tate and Macy Meadows encounter Jason, Macy's stepbrother, while searching for Christmas gifts. Jason threatens to hurt them if they sneak around again. They continue their hunt, but Lacy enjoys rocking on the cock. Jason invites Lacy to join in, and she accepts. After finishing her sentence, Jason beats Macy, and Lacy plays on Macy's tongue. Macy eats Lacy in reverse cowgirl fashion. Jason pulls out, giving the girls a Christmas present.
Step Sis Has The Best Cookies - S18:E5
Fitness Gym
Kinsley Kane and Tristan Summers are competing to sell their cookies, with a friendly rivalry underway. Kinsley decides to sell her stepdad cookies, while Tristan fears a heart attack. During a lull, Charlamagne, Kinsley's stepbrother, visits and offers to buy from one of the females. Kinsley shows Charlamagne her titties, and Tristan agrees. After a double BJ, Kinsley offers Charlamagne her pussy for sex, which Charlamagne accepts. Tristan gets involved by pushing her to ride Charlamagne's cock, and Charlamagne uses this position to his advantage, leaving Tristan cum coated and Kinsley scrubbing her clean.
What Happened On Halloween - S15:E3
Gina Gerson and Tiffany Tatum prepare for Halloween by dressing up. Nikki Nutz, Tiffany's stepbrother, attempts to enter, but the girls eject him. Gina wears a burlesque costume, while Tiffany takes her time getting dressed. Nikki returns in a mask, and the girls enjoy their sensual side of their friendship. Gina discovers Nikki's boner, and Tiffany is sexy. The group moves to the bed, where Tiffany laps Gina's longing. Gina gets on Nikki's hardon, and Tiffany enjoys her stepbro. Gina buries her face in Tiffany's muff, and Nikki gives her a cream pie.
No Secrets Between Stepsisters - S27:E7
Girl / Girl
Candee Licious' boyfriend, Alex Charger, and her stepsister Zazie visit her home. Zazie introduces Alex to the couch, where Candee gets dressed and shares a tight hug. Zazie hushes Alex and later finds himself shirtless. Candee acknowledges she shares everything with Zazie and blows on him. Candee rides on Alex, and Zazie rolls onto her back for a pussy beating. Alex gives Candee a doggie makeover and she eats Zazie, and they get a blowout, leaving their faces glowing with affection.