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My Stepsister Thinks She Has A Super Pussy - S19:E6
Boy / Girl
Maya Woulfe, a woman with a rumored'superpower', is criticized by her friends and ex-boyfriends for wearing his socks and not wearing any pants. Maya tries to turn the tables on Rion King, who is unaware of her superpowers. She calls Rion out for his indiscretion and confirms her'super pussy' by putting the friend she's talking to on speakerphone. Maya calls Rion to corroborate her claims and he agrees. She then rides Rion in cowgirl mode, allowing her tits to be massaged while being raped. Rion reveals he feels like an ordinary pussy and leaves, leaving Maya to tell her best friend.
You Cant Get Me Off In Under Two Minutes - S23:E5
Threesome FFM
Molly Little and her friend Alex Coal are playing foosball together. Rico Hernandez, Molly's stepbrother, is constantly picking on them. Alex makes provocative hand gestures and promises to get rid of Rico in two minutes. Molly screams at him for judging her family's sexual fantasies. Rico joins the girls while using their phones in the living room. While speaking to Alex, he pulls his ass out and orders the girls to get rid of him. Molly half-heartedly protests but goes on her hands and knees to do it. Alex grinds and bumps into Rico, and Molly tags out with him. Rico kisses his stepsister and finds out she's not using birth control.
Back To School Sex Advice From Step Sister - S18:E2
Coco Lovelock and Percy Sires attend classes and dress up for a meeting with Damon Dice, Coco's stepbrother. They discuss Damon's preferences and the aggressive behavior of the girls around him. Percy, who has a crush on both Damon and Coco, shares her affection by eating Damon's dick. They share a sulk and a tumble, with Coco licking Percy's titties. Coco rolls over and locks her ankles behind her head, showcasing her flexibility. Damon gives Coco a cum creampie as a treat.
My Step Sister Wants Me - S9:E2
Katie Kush and her stepbrother Kyle Mason experience sexual tension, with Katie constantly getting twats in her tits. During an argument, Katie discovers a cock in Kyle's towel, leading to physical contact. Their father, Chris Valent, joins them for supper, and Katie shows Kyle his crotch, causing him to tease her. Katie suckles Kyle, but despite her attempts to suppress her feelings, she gives in and lets him take her underwear. Kyle eventually jizzes in her underwear, and Katie uses the sticky pants to mock their special time together.
Step Sister Wants To Do It - S16:E5
Jewelz Blu and her stepbro Matt Cash are competing in an online competition called "Make Your Stepbro Cum in a Minute." Jewelz teases Matt with her ass and breasts, causing him to feel angry. Their parents, Kit Mercer and Dan Ferrari, discuss their school troubles. Jewelz continues playing with Matt's dick, eventually getting him to fuck her. She asks Matt to fuck her right now, and he agrees. Jewelz then gives Matt a doggy fuck, and Matt creampies her. Kit returns to see them nude, with Matt's sperm leaking out of her pussy.
Happy Stepfathers Day Daddy - S23:E3
Freya Parker brings her stepfather Charles Dera a gift bag filled with his favorite items for Father's Day. Freya blindfolds Charles and takes him to the living room, where she and her friend Harley King appear as if they might be eaten. Freya witnesses Harley raping Charles, and she decides to participate in a double BJ. In the bedroom, Charles receives more than just a gift. He bends Harley over and plants balls into her twat, stifling her groans. Freya assists Harley in getting on a cowgirl ride, and Charles arrives at the last minute, letting Freya massage him.