Simon Kitty is the incredibly attractive stepsister of Tommy Gold. Tommy has shared images of his dick with her, and although Simon is impressed, she is also annoyed by Tommy's actions. She's folding laundry and talking her friend about it, but she needs to leave the room for a little while. Tommy enters to take a whiff of her pants as soon as Simon leaves. Before he can be caught in the act, he dashes to the restroom with the pants. Tommy is sadly informed by Simon that her bra-matching knickers is missing. Tommy lets Simon capture him by making a noise. Simon takes hold of her stepbro's arm, flips him onto the bed, and shoves her thong down his throat. After that, she takes Tommy's pants down and squeezes herself between his thighs in bed. She grabs Tommy's dick and proceeds to lick and suck her way down the shaft. She then climbs up Tommy's body to suck her pussy onto his face, whereupon he devours her. She may easily glide back down Tommy's body to land on his fuck stick and rock in cowgirl mode. As Tommy spoons behind her, Simon rolls onto her side and allows him back in. He tosses Simon onto her back and dicks his hot stepsis down in a doggy fashion, allowing him to sink nice and deep as they keep their heated eye contact going. One last time, Simon climbs on top of him and rides him like a reverse cowgirl till he nuts her from the inside out and gives her a hot cream pie.

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