Gia Ohmy, a blonde beauty, wants to watch porn. She reaches for her phone when the TV breaks. Gia settles in, pulling her shorts down and putting her hand inside her sheer thong to feel the D. When Gia's stepbrother Johnny Love walks in on her, things are starting to look up. Gia freaks out and tells him to go. He sees her once more in the restroom and once more while Gia is in her bedroom riding a dildo. After Johnny enters Gia's room for the third time, she considers letting him remain. She's been taking in ideas about how much fun the stepsiblings may have from all the stepbrother porn she's been seeing. Gia offers to suck Johnny's dick, and he initially resists tokenly before caving in to her demands. Gia turns out to be a very skilled blowjob artist, which only serves to soften Johnny's opposition to her suggestion that they pursue things further. Gia lies on her side in bed with Johnny, lifting her thigh to allow him to fuck her from behind while they spoon. She turns onto her back to alter the entry angle, but it is insufficient to appease her. Gia jumps aboard for a bouncing titty stiffie ride in cowgirl after getting Johnny onto his back. Gia receives it all back from Johnny as he thwacks her on the back and then gets her on her knees for a doggy-style pussy thrashing. Johnny breaks down in tears as he realizes that stepsibling porn is just as attractive as the real thing and proceeds to sneer at his stepsister's enormous booty.

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Scarlet Skies, dressed in a crop top and miniskirt, is admired by her stepbrother Rion King. Rion takes pictures of Scarlet's ass, but Scarlet refuses to help him. Rion then fucks with Scarlet, sucking her own juices off his hardon. Scarlet then rides Rion onto his back, allowing him to give her deeper and harder sex. They enjoy spooning sex, rolling on her back, and jizzing all over her snatch. The story ends with Scarlet embracing Rion's fucking skills.