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My Stepsister Is Bananas - S24:E3
Scarlet Skies, a redhead, fondles a banana while her stepbrother, Alex Mack, inquires about male dick placement. Scarlet tries different dick postures and reveals her cock, causing Alex to apologize for his past rudeness. Scarlet crawls on top of Alex, fists it, and accepts his cock. Despite Alex's reservations, Scarlet's desire to go all the way is dispelled. She reveals her hot bubble butt and sucks Alex's nut, while also thinking about Alex's dad's dick.
My Stepsister Has A Great Ass - S22:E8
Scarlet Skies, dressed in a crop top and miniskirt, is admired by her stepbrother Rion King. Rion takes pictures of Scarlet's ass, but Scarlet refuses to help him. Rion then fucks with Scarlet, sucking her own juices off his hardon. Scarlet then rides Rion onto his back, allowing him to give her deeper and harder sex. They enjoy spooning sex, rolling on her back, and jizzing all over her snatch. The story ends with Scarlet embracing Rion's fucking skills.
I Hope Your Penis Has A Good Fathers Day - S20:E6
On Father's Day, Scarlet Skies invites her friend Ryan Reid over to create a card for her stepfather, Damon Dice. Damon is moved by the card, and Ryan expresses her desire for a stepfather similar to Damon. They find Damon on the couch and compete for the opportunity to suck Damon's dick. Scarlet falls onto Damon's dong, and Ryan, still Scarlet's best friend, helps her recover. They ride Damon's hardon, and Scarlet wants him to cum on her ass while she eats.
Have You Been Fucking The Maid - S17:E6
Boy / Girl
Robby Echo and his stepsister Jane Rogers are at odds due to their dislike for the maid who cleans their family. During an argument, Robby notices Jane wearing a maid suit, which she buys for the maid to wear. Jane later tries the seductive costume and enjoys it. As Robby passes by, he notices Jane dressed as a maid and decides to fuck her. Jane is furious, but Robby continues to fuck her in the doggie, allowing her to ride a stick like a cowgirl.
My Stepsister Thinks She Has A Super Pussy - S19:E6
Boy / Girl
Maya Woulfe, a woman with a rumored'superpower', is criticized by her friends and ex-boyfriends for wearing his socks and not wearing any pants. Maya tries to turn the tables on Rion King, who is unaware of her superpowers. She calls Rion out for his indiscretion and confirms her'super pussy' by putting the friend she's talking to on speakerphone. Maya calls Rion to corroborate her claims and he agrees. She then rides Rion in cowgirl mode, allowing her tits to be massaged while being raped. Rion reveals he feels like an ordinary pussy and leaves, leaving Maya to tell her best friend.
My Step Sister Wants Me - S9:E2
Katie Kush and her stepbrother Kyle Mason experience sexual tension, with Katie constantly getting twats in her tits. During an argument, Katie discovers a cock in Kyle's towel, leading to physical contact. Their father, Chris Valent, joins them for supper, and Katie shows Kyle his crotch, causing him to tease her. Katie suckles Kyle, but despite her attempts to suppress her feelings, she gives in and lets him take her underwear. Kyle eventually jizzes in her underwear, and Katie uses the sticky pants to mock their special time together.