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Angry Stepsister - S19:E6
Boy / Girl
Braylin Bailey is having a bad day, and her stepbrother, Tony Lovelock, enters the kitchen with her. She becomes enraged and challenges Tony to look at her breasts. Braylin storms out of the room, and Tony is cornered in his room. She tells him that Tony is her stepbrother and that he must have a tiny dick to be her stepbrother. Braylin agrees to Tony's advice and tries to suck him off. She invites Tony to go out, and he gives her a hard pussy thumping. As a thank you, Braylin puts Tony on his back, and they have a blast together.
Cuckoo For Cock - S9:E3
Boy / Girl
Hime Marie, a woman with a long-standing love for her stepbrother Kyle Mason, unintentionally catches sight of his penis. They spend every conversation about sex, and after dinner, Hime plans to have a sexual encounter with Kyle. She becomes obsessed with his fuck stick and masturbates in bed the next morning. When Kyle wakes up, Hime uses her powers to blow him, riding him like a cowgirl in reverse. Kyle works her towards another climax, and she enjoys the experience, longing for more experiences like this.
May 2023 Flavor Of The Month Braylin Bailey - S3:E10
Boy / Girl
Braylin Bailey, a video game enthusiast, goes to see a plumber movie with her stepbrother Apollo Banks. They play a game together, where Braylin disguises herself as a seductive replica of her favorite plumber. Apollo is tricked into outplaying her, and Braylin wins. She then dresses up as a princess, straddling Apollo and riding him like a cowboy. She bows down to Apollo, and he agrees to cum within her castle. Braylin convinces Apollo to reconsider.
You Cant Touch This Stepbro - S25:E10
Emma Sirus enjoys teasing her stepbrother Alex Mack, revealing her boobs and ass in a thong. She promises Alex he will never touch her or see her wet pussy. The next day, Emma asks Alex for a banana, and he agrees. She then hammers and bursts his cock, happy that Alex has taken her cues. Emma then gives Alex a cowgirl pose, embracing him, and hammering his twat, leaving him happy. Emma's intense teasing and sensual behavior make Alex feel comfortable and happy.
Step Sis Finds A Pot Of Gold And Her Brothers Dick - S17:E9
Girl / Girl
Haley Reed invites her friend Vina Sky to a candy hunt and lingerie party for St. Patrick's Day. AJ, Haley's stepbrother, spying on them, but Vina is secretly interested. The girls dress up in festive green panties and wiggle their asses to entice AJ to join in. Haley eats some candy, and AJ uses it as an opportunity to fuck Vina. Haley gets a stiffie ride, and Vina devours her. The girls switch places, and Vina positions herself perfectly for AJ to emerge from his stepsis and plant a hot load on her.
Cant Resist My Step Sis - S13:E3
Threesome FFM
Mother Sovereign Sire, her daughters Emma Starletto and Kyler Quinn, and her stepson Kyle Mason are all enjoying a night out together. They have been flirting since they started dating, and Emma discovers this. They disagree on whether it's appropriate for Kyler to expose her breasts. After Sovereign returns with food, they engage in a double BJ, with Emma leading in cowgirl mode and Kyler jumping on Emma's face. Kyler delivers a cream pie to Emma, while Emma is shocked.
Easter Crafting With Stepsis Goes Wrong - S22:E5
Kyler Quinn and Braylin Bailey are celebrating Easter by crafting crafts and donning bunny ears. They encounter Kyler's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, who attempts corny pickup lines. Kyler chases him out, and they apologize for their cruel treatment. Braylin suggests they show Ricky their ass, but Kyler agrees. They go for a messy double BJ, and Kyler eats Ricky's pussy while bouncing away on her cock. Braylin helps Ricky blow his load all over Kyler's stomach, and they spend time smearing their clit with a shamrock.
Helping To Solve Stepsisters Problem - S25:E4
Kenzie Reeves struggles with her ability to remove her clothes while sleeping, which her stepbrother Lucky Fae notices. They spend time together, revealing Kenzie's nipples and groaning. Lucky realizes Kenzie is having an affair with him, and she asks him to stick it in. After humiliation, Kenzie rides Lucky's cock in a cowgirl, causing a heated scene. She gives Lucky a last kiss on her back, and he gives her a belly-shot of cum, making her feel like her plan worked.
Stepsis Always Gets What She Wants - S24:E7
Boy / Girl
Nathan Bronson discovers his stepsister Chloe Temple searching for car keys to use his car to see her lover. Chloe offers to help Nathan with anything, but Nathan is uncooperative. After giving Chloe a squeeze, he allows her to use his car and instructs her to touch his penis first. Chloe agrees and they agree to fuck each other in exchange for using Nathan's car for the week. Chloe enjoys a backward cowgirl ride on Nathan's stiffie, and Nathan offers her a giant creampie to improve her fuck fest.