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Stepsis Turns Fantasy Into Reality - S24:E6

Oliver Flynn is studying when Kimora Quinn, his stepsister, enters the kitchen in search of something to eat. Oliver finds himself sidetracked right away because Kimora is dressed in a miniskirt and thong. Because Kimora is also very kind, she starts talking to Oliver. She acknowledges that she used to spend a lot of time by herself feeling down before Oliver and his mother came in. Oliver becomes quite uncomfortable when he discovers that Kimora used to fantasize about getting caught masturbating. Shutting his school book, he leaves for his personal room. Kimora seizes the chance to take out a dildo from the kitchen drawer that she refers to as "big brother" and place it on the counter. She gets up on the counter and starts masturbating that pussy who loves cocks. Oliver can't help but hear Kimora because she is talking so loudly. He expresses his want to stay after giving Kimora a good, hard sex, but she refuses to let him go. Rather, they determine that Oliver would benefit from helping her indulge her familial sex desire. Oliver pushes his dick home after chucking the dildo aside and moves between Kimora's thighs. After rubbing him down and licking her own girl goo off his cock, Kimora climbs back up. The gorgeous redhead leans over the counter and gives herself a firm ass spanking along with a pussy beating. To give Oliver a chance to stand between them and give Kimora one last chance to reach her peak, she spreads her thighs wide on a stool. Oliver finally snaps when he feels the tight pussy pulsing around him; he pulls out in time to blow a nut all over Kimora's neatly trimmed muff.

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Sister Gets Off - S7:E6
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Eliza Ibarra desires solitude, but her stepbrother Justin Hunt makes it difficult. He notices her masturbating and attempts to convince her to use his hands. Eliza tries to complete the task by wearing a miniskirt nightgown and having sex in her bedroom. Justin is hard and horny, but Eliza refuses to leave. She offers him a blowjob, and he fucks her in a moist landing strip fuck hole. Eliza climbs onto Justin's fuck stick and works her lips again, eventually giving him a jizz-filled facial.
Wanna Play With Us Stepbro - S24:E8
Halloween is a time for creative costumes and Trick or Treat. Chanel Camryn, Tiana Blow, and Chloe Temple are packing bags for the event. Juan Loco, Chanel's stepbrother, enters and starts massaging Chanel's back. Tiana and Chloe want Juan to play with them, but he resumes his assassination. After giving out candy, they discover Juan buried balls in Chanel's snatch. Chloe and Tiana request Juan's hardon, and they all suck it dry, leading to a sticky confection that coats Chanel's face.
Easter Crafting With Stepsis Goes Wrong - S22:E5
Kyler Quinn and Braylin Bailey are celebrating Easter by crafting crafts and donning bunny ears. They encounter Kyler's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, who attempts corny pickup lines. Kyler chases him out, and they apologize for their cruel treatment. Braylin suggests they show Ricky their ass, but Kyler agrees. They go for a messy double BJ, and Kyler eats Ricky's pussy while bouncing away on her cock. Braylin helps Ricky blow his load all over Kyler's stomach, and they spend time smearing their clit with a shamrock.
My Stepsister And Her Hot Friend Have Dildo Bikes - S24:E10
Step Family
Molly Little and her friend Jade Maris enjoy working out, but Jodie Johnson, Molly's stepbrother, starts ogling them. The girls make fun of him, and when he returns, he stomps on them individually, choking Molly and Jade. They then proceed for a blowjob, and before switching places, they sit Jodie down on the couch for Jade to ride in reverse cowgirl mode. Molly shares a long, cummy kiss with Jade, licking the jizz from Jade's stomach.
Adding Stepsis And Her Friend To The Spank Bank - S22:E12
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Cody Carter, his stepsister Gracie Gates and friend Brookie Blair, find the girls' excessive loudness bothering and takes images of women in skimpy shorts as revenge. Gracie approaches Cody for a ride to the beach, but he refuses due to lack of money for gas. The girls return to Cody's room, and they share a double blowie, leaving him smooth with their spit and hard as a rock. Cody enjoys a threesome with his stepfamily, eating Brookie's pussy and Gracie's pussy. Gracie and Brookie continue to fuck, with Cody riding Brookie's tongue and Brookie getting pounded on the creamy cowgirl ride.
My Stepsis Is A Super Slut - S25:E12
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A party is held to commemorate a big game, with Maria Kazi and Lulu Chu getting ready. Jay Romero, Maria's stepbrother, is fixated on the females, and they torment him by cuddling and praising each other's physiques. Jay gets banned from watching the game, but the girls make up for it by updating him on the game's progress. Maria joins in to fulfill her aspirations of having a stepfamily, alternating between stroking, licking, and sucking Jay's dick.
Sucking For Cinco De Mayo - S10:E3
Rion King, Lexi's stepbrother, and Isabella Nice are preparing for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. They notice Rion's unusual behavior with a female, which bothers him. Isabella undoes Rion's trousers to examine his stiffie, and they engage in a double BJ. Isabella wants Lexi and her brother to move in together, and they eat each other's fuck holes. When they're satisfied, they band together and rub Rion's stiffie, giving him hot jizz and facials.
Sizing Up Our Valentines Day Dick - S26:E1
Threesome FFM
Lulu Chu and Kyler Quinn are making Valentine's Day cock decorations for their partners. Lulu's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, enters and questions their activities. They decide to test their cock rings on Ricky, who is a huge boob fan. Lulu gets down on her knees to tug Ricky's pants down, while Kyler uses the goods to divert his attention. She discovers the ring is too small to fit Ricky's stiffie, implying he has a bigger dick. Ricky is shocked and Lulu gets one last chance to hit the D while lying on her back. Kyler gives Lulu a passionate kiss.
Fuck For A Haircut - S10:E12
Gianna Dior needs Lucas Frost, her stepbrother, to help her study for her beauty school test. Initially reluctant, he agrees to cut Lucas's hair for a blowjob. When Gianna insists on covering him with a cape, he discovers a hole in the kitchen. Despite Gianna's negative response to him, he continues to trim his hair. During the process, Gianna gropes on her bra, and Lucas dominates her with his fuck stick. Gianna fucks him from behind, and he covers her back in jizz. Lucas chooses to placate his sister rather than help her prepare for the test.
My Flirty Stepsister - S22:E5
Aria Valencia takes a shower and feels aroused, calling for John. Codey Steele, John's younger brother, answers and they flirt. Aria beckons John to get in bed with her, and he accepts her offer to insert his stiffie into her velvet glove. Aria rides on Codey, licking her own fluids from his hardon. She groans, satisfied with her sexual need, and leans over the bed for Codey to hit her from behind. Aria enjoys the treat before Codey exits to cum on her ass.
Stepsis Needs Big Cock - S27:E6
Boy / Girl
Parker Ambrose, Jade Kimiko's new stepbrother, is watching TV while Jade is on the phone. Jade argues that it's her place and can do as she pleases, but Parker chastises her for her lewd remarks. Jade masturbates with Parker, resulting in a deep throat BJ and a pussy licking. Jade performs reverse cowgirl and cowgirl on the fuck stick, then lets Parker smack her in the doggie and stroke her face. Jade has to cancel her plans due to another issue.
Caught By Mom - S7:E3
Boy / Girl
Chloe Cherry accidentally spills water over her private area, and her stepbrother Justin Hunt accidentally touches her trimmed pussy. Chloe's mother catches them red-handed and tells her to take a cold shower. Chloe manipulates Justin into helping her with a snatch, giving him a passionate blowjob on her throat. Justin persuades his stepmother to leave, and Chloe hides behind the door. Justin beats her while she groans in exhilaration. Chloe sees Justin dominate her snatch, raising her mother's suspicions. Justin quickly covers Chloe's mound with jizz before they are exposed.