Jay Romero, Jade Maris's stepbrother, is in awe of her beauty as she gets ready for a night out. She peeks him out and inquires about his thoughts. Maria grabs Jay's ass and tells him she'll bring him a surprise later, when he is very complimentary. Maria is surprised to discover later on that she is not wearing any underwear underneath her miniskirt. Maria grabs Jay's hand, places it directly on her bald pussy, and begs him to massage it. In order to get Jay to squeeze her titties, she seizes the chance to expose them completely. Then, as they make their way to the bedroom, Maria kneels down and takes his dick in her mouth and hand to give him a taste of what's to come. Maria can make a 69 lot more comfortably in bed, allowing them to enjoy each other's company. Maria swoops down Jay's body and grabs hold of him, giving him a rough and tumble in her naked twat. She mounts Jay again, this time in reverse cowgirl mode, after taking just enough time to suck her own juices clean. Jay wants an even nicer look for that ass with its tan lines, so Maria gets down on her knees and gives her stepbro a doggy slap. As he takes her off one last time, she ends up on her back with Jay tucked between her thighs. After pulling out, Jay finishes their passionate fuck by blowing his sperm all over Maria.

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In the episode of Dating My Stepson, Pristine Edge persuades her stepson Jimmy Michaels to date four of her milf acquaintances and one mystery woman. Despite her upset situation, they make the most of it, forming a flirtatious relationship. After discovering Jimmy has cheated on her friends, Pristine confesses her feelings to Jimmy, who interrupts the interview. Pristine then performs a full-body sex show, resulting in Jimmy blowing up his stepmother, making her the winner of the dating game show.
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Lindsay Lee wants to have Jaden Marcos and Jade Maris in a blended family portrait. They wear matching sweaters and are given identical clothes for a snowman. Jade accessorizes her snowman outfit, and Lindsay gets annoyed when she gives Jayden a carrot dick. Lindsay instructs them to change out of their costumes before leaving to get her spouse. Jade tits up her muscles, sucks Jayden's hardon, and rolls onto her back.