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Happy Nude Year - S30:E5
Threesome FFM
Angel Gostosa and Madison Wilde plan a New Year's Eve party, dressing in gorgeous outfits. They invite Juan Loco, their stepbrother, for help. They decide to have a naked year's celebration, dressing in masks. Juan refuses to wear boxers, but Angel agrees to ride a cowgirl. Madison takes Angel's place on Juan's dick, enjoying every last bit of his hardon. The girls are beaming with pleasure as they welcome the naked year with this sexy new tradition.
My Stepsister Plays To Win - S25:E4
Girl / Girl
Ohana Petite enjoys playing video games but is still developing her skills. Her stepbrother, Alex Charger, informs her that their relationship is over and she is not allowed to handle his belongings. Ohana, lustful, paws at his shorts and suctions him. She gives him a reverse cowgirl ride, then collapsing onto her side for spooning sex. Ohana witnesses Alex giving her a final dick before pulling out to enjoy the experience.
Stepmoms Secret Confession - S1:E5
In the episode of Dating My Stepson, Pristine Edge persuades her stepson Jimmy Michaels to date four of her milf acquaintances and one mystery woman. Despite her upset situation, they make the most of it, forming a flirtatious relationship. After discovering Jimmy has cheated on her friends, Pristine confesses her feelings to Jimmy, who interrupts the interview. Pristine then performs a full-body sex show, resulting in Jimmy blowing up his stepmother, making her the winner of the dating game show.
These Taste Like Dick - S26:E8
Threesome FFM
Marshmallow chicks are in season for Easter, and Aria Valencia and Allie Addison enjoy the snacks, which they find taste like dicks. Joshua Lewis, Aria's stepbrother, overhears their conversation and questions their familiarity with the taste. The girls tease Joshua and invite him to drop off his carrot in their Easter baskets. Aria and Allie promise to look out for each other while Joshua hesitates. They give him one last chance to fuck them, and they cooperate, sucking and slurping his cock until he nips Aria in the mouth. The girls give each other a long, cummy kiss after cleaning Joshua's hardon.
My Selfish Stepsister Needs Dick - S23:E8
Threesome FFM
Theodora Day and Maya Woulfe are discussing girls at school when Jay Romero, Theodora's stepbrother, visits. Jay observes Maya lowering Theodora's top and complimenting her tits. Jay suggests that Theodora could find a healthy way to unleash her pent-up energy by getting raped before school. Maya assists Theodora in getting on her hands and knees to jam Jay's dick into her pussy. Theodora plays cowgirl and rides Maya's tongue while Jay's cock is on her back. They form a double act, with Maya diddling Theodora's snatch and Jay giving her a doggie smackdown.
Resisting My Stepsis Is Futile - S25:E3
Charlie is excited to have Tommy King as his stepsister and is teaching him a card game and War. Tommy is promised to wash Charlie's motorcycle in a bikini if he wins. Charlie wins, and Tommy changes into her bikini and meets him in the backyard. Tommy confesses her desire to fuck Charlie, giving him a blowjob, doggy-style pussy, and a stiffie ride. Charlie then gets Tommy on her side for a good fuck, and she swallows a mouthful of cum.
Fathers Day Seduction - S10:E1
Threesome FFM
Chloe Cherry and Sophia Lux, on Father's Day, try to woo their stepdad, Charles Dera. Chloe masturbates, causing Charles to chastise her. Chloe gives Charles a Father's Day card and a hug, and he spanks her. Sophia calls sex in the living room, masturbating loudly to get her dad to spank her. After giving Sophia the spanking, Charles grounds her. Sophia teams up with Chloe to get them both a D, and they undress and line up on the couch for a doggy fuck. They alternate between cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, giving Charles a double blowjob.
Dealing With My Sexy Stepsister - S27:E2
Veronica Church is a woman who is locked out by her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose. She asks for her key but is given anything. Veronica wants Parker to cover for her, but he refuses. Despite her desire, Veronica undresses and reveals her desire to have sex with him. Parker tries to resist, but Veronica savors his cock and rides in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl modes. After a vaginal examination, Veronica admits she is missing the keys.
How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother - S20:E3
Threesome FFM
Molly Little and Khloe Kapri discuss their love for blowing their load across different distances in Molly's bedroom. Jay Romero, Molly's stepbrother, overhears the conversation and makes fun of him. Molly and Khloe play with Jay, offering him a chance to fuck Molly if he can shoot his load five feet. Khloe licks Jay's balls and cock, but finds the show insufficient. Molly shares some of the D, while Khloe eats Molly out and performs a backwards cowgirl ride on the fuck stick. The girls bring Jay off again, giving him a sticky facial.