Tiana Blow is chatting with her pals Kimmy Kimm and Eliza Ibarra about lady stuff. When Tiana admits that she's been going through a dry spell, her pals make fun of her and say that she's jealous of Kimmy's abundance of attention. They proceed to assert that Tiana harbors romantic feelings for Jimmy Michaels, her stepbrother. Tiana doesn't refute the assertion, despite her attempts to qualify it. Kimmy notices that Jimmy is watching a shark show in the next room. The girls devise a scheme to get Tiana some dick while she researches shark information. They try their best to make it sensual and corner Jimmy with their juicy shark information. Jimmy pretends to be confused, so the females disappear for a while before returning with candies to carry on with their repartee. They devise a fictitious movie storyline, which prompts Tiana to offer to bring the fictitious plot to life. As Kimmy and Eliza make love, Tiana goes for it, yanking Jimmy's hardon out for a suck. That starts a three-way cocksucking session. Tiana and Eliza tag team Kimmy's snatch as Tiana hops onto Jimmy's stiffie for a wild ride. Eliza and Tiana enjoy a lesbian 69 while Kimmy receives the next pussy pounding in doggie. Eliza eats out Tiana, who in turn eats out Kimmy, when it's her turn to get boned on her knees. Tiana gives Eliza a good swat on the back, leaving her with a big creampie in her fuck hole for Kimmy and Eliza to share and taste. Kimmy gorges herself on Eliza's snatch. Tiana gives Eliza a good swat on the back, leaving her with a big creampie in her fuck hole for Kimmy and Eliza to share and taste. Kimmy gorges herself on Eliza's snatch.

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On Fourth of July, Madison Summers and Freya Parker prepare for a patriotic celebration. Ricky Spanish, Madison's stepbrother, arrives and asks if he can attend. They refuse, but Ricky offers to bring more pyrotechnics. They discover a box with a dick inside, and Freya enjoys it. Madison offers to fuck Ricky while she watches, and Freya sucks his dick. Madison tries to resist, but Freya lets go of the dick, and Madison squeals with joy. Madison embraces Ricky, and Freya helps her get off. Madison admits she isn't using birth control, and Freya slurps the sperm out of her.
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The blended family consists of Ashely Wolf, Kyler Quinn, Sia Lust, and Ricky Spanish. Ashley is the oldest and demands attention from the other three, who are prohibited from drinking, watching porn, and engaging in sex-related activities. Ricky initiates a seductive game of truth or dare, involving Kyler and Sia's nipples. Ashley is appalled when Ricky fucks them, leading to a heated argument. Ashley admits her attraction, and the family engages in a double BJ, triple BJ, and doggy fuck. Ricky, tired of the intense scene, blows a large cream pie for Ashley, and the family enjoys their time together.
June 2022 Flavor Of The Month Penelope Kay - S2:E11
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Kyler Quinn, a fetishist, confides in her friend Andi Rose about her desire to fuck her stepfather or stepbrother. She has two jars of love pill capsules, one for her stepfather and one for her stepbrother. They plan to fuck whoever enters first. Kyler's stepbrother, Kyle Mason, falls for the first capsule. They exchange a kiss before Kyle taps Andi's twat, revealing their excitement. Kyler then thrusts up into his stepsister's snatch, giving her a creampie that fulfills her fantasies.
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In the episode of Dating My Stepson, Pristine Edge persuades her stepson Jimmy Michaels to date four of her milf acquaintances and one mystery woman. Despite her upset situation, they make the most of it, forming a flirtatious relationship. After discovering Jimmy has cheated on her friends, Pristine confesses her feelings to Jimmy, who interrupts the interview. Pristine then performs a full-body sex show, resulting in Jimmy blowing up his stepmother, making her the winner of the dating game show.