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I Love My Step Brothers Dick - S18:E5
Boy / Girl
Mackenzie Mace, a girl with a laid-back relationship with her stepbrother Johnny, decides to stage a fashion show to understand his judgment on her clothing. Johnny's sexual remarks become more explicit, and Mackenzie admits her interest in a dick. She invites Johnny to touch her breasts and suck, revealing that a man's dick can be just as satisfying as anything a woman can offer. Mackenzie tries various poses, including cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, and eventually gets a facial from Johnny. This revelation reveals Mackenzie's attraction to both girls and guys.
December 2020 Flavor Of The Month Hime Marie - S1:E4
Hime Marie, a close friend of her stepbrother Kyle Mason, is struggling with her feelings towards him as she gets older. Despite her courteous behavior, Hime is considering acting inappropriately. Kyle is obtuse about her behavior and decides to take a nap. Hime insists on sucking him off, but when she gets the goods, she breaks her word. Kyle is unable to take this anymore, and Hime slaps her face. Kyle then slams Hime into her knees, grabbing her by the leash. Hime spoons her and rewards her with hot sperm.
You Cant Get Me Off In Under Two Minutes - S23:E5
Threesome FFM
Molly Little and her friend Alex Coal are playing foosball together. Rico Hernandez, Molly's stepbrother, is constantly picking on them. Alex makes provocative hand gestures and promises to get rid of Rico in two minutes. Molly screams at him for judging her family's sexual fantasies. Rico joins the girls while using their phones in the living room. While speaking to Alex, he pulls his ass out and orders the girls to get rid of him. Molly half-heartedly protests but goes on her hands and knees to do it. Alex grinds and bumps into Rico, and Molly tags out with him. Rico kisses his stepsister and finds out she's not using birth control.
Fourth Of July Creampie - S8:E6
Threesome FFM
Bella Rose's stepsister Daphne Dare and her stepfather Dick Chibbles visit while hanging Fourth of July decorations. They introduce themselves and Bella is immediately attracted to Brad, believing he will be more successful in the bedroom. When Dick leaves, Bella flashes her tits and pussy, and Brad remains silent. Daphne warns her of becoming overly sensual, but she leaves when Brad returns without Dick. Bella is hidden filming the entire exchange, and she advises Brad to confront her if he wants the film to disappear. She gives Brad a cock sucking before inviting him for a pussy feast, and she persuades Daphne to join her in a double BJ. With Bella and Daphne taking turns riding Brad's fuck stick, the threesome explodes as she requests Brad to fuck her as well.