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May 2023 Flavor Of The Month Braylin Bailey - S3:E10
Boy / Girl
Braylin Bailey, a video game enthusiast, goes to see a plumber movie with her stepbrother Apollo Banks. They play a game together, where Braylin disguises herself as a seductive replica of her favorite plumber. Apollo is tricked into outplaying her, and Braylin wins. She then dresses up as a princess, straddling Apollo and riding him like a cowboy. She bows down to Apollo, and he agrees to cum within her castle. Braylin convinces Apollo to reconsider.
Cuckoo For Cock - S9:E3
Boy / Girl
Hime Marie, a woman with a long-standing love for her stepbrother Kyle Mason, unintentionally catches sight of his penis. They spend every conversation about sex, and after dinner, Hime plans to have a sexual encounter with Kyle. She becomes obsessed with his fuck stick and masturbates in bed the next morning. When Kyle wakes up, Hime uses her powers to blow him, riding him like a cowgirl in reverse. Kyle works her towards another climax, and she enjoys the experience, longing for more experiences like this.
What Happened On Halloween - S15:E3
Gina Gerson and Tiffany Tatum prepare for Halloween by dressing up. Nikki Nutz, Tiffany's stepbrother, attempts to enter, but the girls eject him. Gina wears a burlesque costume, while Tiffany takes her time getting dressed. Nikki returns in a mask, and the girls enjoy their sensual side of their friendship. Gina discovers Nikki's boner, and Tiffany is sexy. The group moves to the bed, where Tiffany laps Gina's longing. Gina gets on Nikki's hardon, and Tiffany enjoys her stepbro. Gina buries her face in Tiffany's muff, and Nikki gives her a cream pie.
Secret Agent Step Dad - S16:E2
Emma Hix has been in a relationship with her stepfather, Tommy Gunn, for over a year. She has a strong crush on him, especially since he is a military officer. Emma is determined to have Tommy recognize her as a woman, leading to sexual tension during their camping trip. Despite Tommy's attempts to ignore her attraction, Emma continues to engage in sexual activities, including cowgirling and reverse cowgirling. Tommy eventually returns to her and engages in serious sex, delivering her the creampie she dreams. Emma and Tommy share a shower, with Tommy's sperm trickling out of her.
Back To School Sex Advice From Step Sister - S18:E2
Coco Lovelock and Percy Sires attend classes and dress up for a meeting with Damon Dice, Coco's stepbrother. They discuss Damon's preferences and the aggressive behavior of the girls around him. Percy, who has a crush on both Damon and Coco, shares her affection by eating Damon's dick. They share a sulk and a tumble, with Coco licking Percy's titties. Coco rolls over and locks her ankles behind her head, showcasing her flexibility. Damon gives Coco a cum creampie as a treat.
Step Sister Wants To Do It - S16:E5
Jewelz Blu and her stepbro Matt Cash are competing in an online competition called "Make Your Stepbro Cum in a Minute." Jewelz teases Matt with her ass and breasts, causing him to feel angry. Their parents, Kit Mercer and Dan Ferrari, discuss their school troubles. Jewelz continues playing with Matt's dick, eventually getting him to fuck her. She asks Matt to fuck her right now, and he agrees. Jewelz then gives Matt a doggy fuck, and Matt creampies her. Kit returns to see them nude, with Matt's sperm leaking out of her pussy.