Alexa Grace phones her stepbrother Van Wylde to come collect her after she is detained. In order to avoid telling her mother and stepfather, she even gets Van to fake his father's signature. Van eventually lays out the conditions on which he will assist Alexa: she must pretend to be the girl he likes. This comes after some pleading. Van takes out his penis and begins caressing it after Alexa has become engrossed in his dream. If Alexa wants him to sign the documents, he informs her that she must participate—first with her hands, then with her mouth. Alexa is beginning to show some interest by the time she is persuaded to take down her thong and short shorts. When Van tries to screw her even more, she gives a little protest, but before long, she's groaning with obvious pleasure. Nothing will stop Alexa from savoring every second of this spontaneous fuck fest with her stepbrother once her inhibitions are gone. Alexa will do whatever it takes to get herself off, whether it's straddling Van's dick and bouncing her booty for as much friction as she can bear or taking a pussy pounding on her back. Van follows quickly after Alexa reaches her ultimate peak. Not even a moment for him to pull away before he blows up, giving her a cream pie of jizz.

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