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Scary Movie Night With My Stepsister - S25:E2

While viewing a horror movie, Codey Steele and his stepsibling Talia Hanson are spending quality time together. Talia can't take the jump scares as well as Codey can. Talia gets closer and closer to Codey's commanding presence as the film progresses. She takes his hand and then drops into his lap, her face tucked between his knees. Even though Codey has always knew his stepsister is attractive, he gets instantly hotter when she puts her face against his dick. Cody is left perplexed as Talia becomes agitated and storms out of the room upon realizing. Subsequently, Codey storms into Talia's room to speak with her. Talia whips about with only a thong, her arms concealing her tits, as she is in the middle of changing. Even when Talia loses it on Codey once more, she starts to feel horrible about the way she's treating him. He turns to go, but Talia stops him, saying that in order to avoid awkwardness, they should discuss what happened. Talia continues, "When a girl puts her head in a guy's lap, it's only natural for a guy to get hard. " To further humiliate Codey, she asks him to get on the bed so she can show him. Talia informs her stepbro that she doesn't want him to go with a stiffie and get blue balls as soon as she feels him getting hard. In order to aid him, she lets him feel up her tits and puts his hand where her panties are before getting on her knees and giving him a blowjob. Talia wants to enjoy Codey's cock more than just a BJ, as it turns out to be a pretty wonderful one. In bed, she drops to her hands and knees and motions for Codey to grab her from behind. Talia wants to take the D next. Talia collapses onto her back, cradling Codey between her legs, and groans as her stepbrother re-enters her body and resumes his pleasurable thrusting. He may knead Talia's bouncing titties in this position while fucking her. Codey gives in to Talia's urging that they cum, satisfying her want for a cream pie in the process because it feels so amazing.

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