Freya Parker enjoys getting her hands filthy. She got into some yoghurt in the refrigerator today. Freya has sticky yoghurt all over her neck and upper chest by the time her stepbrother, Codey Steele, finds her in the kitchen. Codey gives Freya his back so she may undress in private after dragging her to the shower to clean up. But that's not in this lustful babe's plans. She demands that Codey assist her in taking off her clothing and assist her in the shower. Freya tries to slide Codey's hand between her thighs while she's nude. Even though Codey escapes the situation, Freya isn't done with him yet. A few hours later, Freya is calling for Codey to come aid her while lying in bed wearing some wet pants. He sees Freya glowing with lust when he gets there. Although Freya says she's worn multiple pairs of pants, her pussy is simply too sticky and wet. She requires assistance! Freya says she might be able to cum and stop the flow if Codey helps finger her twat. Codey eventually gives in, but no matter how hard he strikes his stepsister with his fingers, she is unable to reach her peak. At some point, Freya demands that Codey fuck her. Freya puts her hand around the root and leads Codey into her creamy snatch once he's fully convinced. He can slide right in because she's so moist. The next thing Codey knows, Freya has thrown him onto his back, allowing her to impale herself on his fuck stick by straddling his hips. Though he prefers cowgirl where he can squeeze his sister's ass and lick her titties even more, Codey still enjoys the reverse cowgirl ride. Freya bends down on her hands and knees to allow Codey to give her his cock in a doggy manner after sucking her own moisture from it. Codey needs that position to push himself over the edge. As he pulls out, he covers Freya in cum, just as she has been fantasised about, by blowing his load all over her ass.

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