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Back To School Sex Advice From Step Sister - S18:E2
Coco Lovelock and Percy Sires attend classes and dress up for a meeting with Damon Dice, Coco's stepbrother. They discuss Damon's preferences and the aggressive behavior of the girls around him. Percy, who has a crush on both Damon and Coco, shares her affection by eating Damon's dick. They share a sulk and a tumble, with Coco licking Percy's titties. Coco rolls over and locks her ankles behind her head, showcasing her flexibility. Damon gives Coco a cum creampie as a treat.
Teach Me About Sex - S16:E3
Boy / Girl
Skylar Vox, a virgin, is upset after her boyfriend broke up with her due to her unmarried status. She confronts Tony, who teaches her how to fuck like an expert. Tony teaches her how to suck a dick, give her a messy BJ, and combine large jugs for a titty fuck. Skylar is excited to get a large cock between her thighs and is shown various sensual poses. Tony then teaches her how to ride the D in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, and she swallows a large cumshot.
My Step Sister Wants Me - S9:E2
Katie Kush and her stepbrother Kyle Mason experience sexual tension, with Katie constantly getting twats in her tits. During an argument, Katie discovers a cock in Kyle's towel, leading to physical contact. Their father, Chris Valent, joins them for supper, and Katie shows Kyle his crotch, causing him to tease her. Katie suckles Kyle, but despite her attempts to suppress her feelings, she gives in and lets him take her underwear. Kyle eventually jizzes in her underwear, and Katie uses the sticky pants to mock their special time together.
How Not To Dress For A Funeral - S24:E3
Boy / Girl
At a funeral, Braylin Bailey wears a cute black dress, but her stepbrother Apollo warns her of potential men trying to use her. Braylin reveals her infatuation with Apollo and tries to detach him. She removes her clothing and shows off her bra and thong, demonstrating how to handle males at the funeral. Apollo tries to fuck her, but Braylin insists on fucking him. After experiencing her first orgasm, she slurps her own fluids off Apollo's fuck rod, but Apollo doesn't object when Braylin hits her in the doggie.
Stepsis Just Needs The Real Thing - S21:E4
Boy / Girl
Gia Ohmy, a blonde beauty, watches porn on her phone. Her stepbrother Johnny Love enters her room and she considers letting him stay. She offers to suck Johnny's dick, and he initially resists. Gia becomes a skilled blowjob artist, softening Johnny's opposition. They lie on Gia's side in bed, and Gia fucks her from behind. Johnny thwacks her on the back and gets her on her knees for a doggy-style pussy thrashing. Johnny breaks down in tears, realizing that stepsibling porn is just as attractive as real porn.